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One easy way to engage your readers …. Cronycle

by on February 23, 2016 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Research, Social Media

Create and Share a Public Collection

Cronycle  write …We’ve been monitoring how different types of content fare on social media and on email. We’ve discovered public collections have a 68% improved click through rate on LinkedIn and a 25% click through rate on Twitter from our accounts.

We’ve also noticed that we get a higher response on email marketing campaigns when we reach out to people with a collection on a topic of their choice. We believe this is because a curated selection of articles gives readers insight into a topic, in a way which an individual article simply cannot. Given the stats we thought we’d share this information with you!

Learn how to make a collection public here

Tips for Content Writers and Marketers

Every year, content marketers claim their biggest challenge is ‘creating engaging content’. This is linked to having original ideas about how to educate your audience.

Jill Quick, Lead Instructor and Trainer for General Assembly an an author for Smart Insights, wrote about how to use various platforms to create original content which will engage your audience. Not only does Jill cover the strategic highlights, but she also outlines how you can be original in easy steps. This is a must read for any marketer, blogger or content professional. Take a look here.

Tips for Freelancers

Our MD, Nicolas Granatino, was interviewed in Freelancing Hacks last week. He talks about the Future of Work amongst other subjects:

“Freelancers are very similar in their mindset and attitude to entrepreneurs. I enjoy working with them. I believe that platforms like Upwork and TopTal have made it easier for developers to freelance and will have a meaningful impact on work culture.  I also believe Cronycle will play a similar role in the media and research space.”

Read more here.

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