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“Creating a platform where mums have opportunities to use their skills & value”

Sally Durcan writes  … Talk to Mums is a ‘Mum to Mum’ communications agency that connects brands with mums online and offline.

Our goal is to make marketers + PR’s jobs easier by offering multiple ways to reach mums, more than any other agency or group through our active online and offline communities. Access to these communities is via our range of services & programs.

I am a mum, and understand the struggles and challenges that come with being a mum not just a woman or even a businesswoman. So creating a platform where mums have opportunities to use their skills & value and where brands get to reach targeted groups of mums to have more meaningful conversations and connections, became a no brainer.

This is how you can talk to British Mums:

*Through our ‘Blog Brunch’ events for highly connected digital mums
*Launch new products aimed at mums via our 500+ mum brand advocates database
*Sample or demonstrate products to mums utilising our database of 1000+ of the best locations and events that mums and families attend
*Activate event based media promotions that mums will love and share
*Invite mums to events, participate in survey’s or receive special promotions via our app

Talk to us if you are looking for a bespoke service or are an SME and would like our help through our consultancy service.

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