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[Laughter Spot] … A woman was pregnant with triplets

A woman was pregnant with triplets.  She was robbed and shot three times in the stomach . A bullet hit each child.

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The children were ok and the doctors thought it was more risky to try and remove the bullets than it was to leave them in.

Sixteen years later, the oldest girl came into the room crying to her mother.  She told her mother she had to pee-pee and a bullet came out.

The mother told her the story about the robbery and explained to her that it is OK about the bullet.

The next day, the middle girl came crying into the room with the same problem.  She had to pee-pee and a bullet came out. Again, the mother explained the robbery story and the girl was fine.

The next day, the youngest, a boy, came into the room to talk to his mother. The mother said, “I know son. You were trying to pee-pee and a bullet came out of you.”

The son said, “No, momma. I was stroking my “Johnson” and I shot the dog!”


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