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Giant touch screens : Giant iTab unveil new smartphone-esque design

Touch screen specialist Giant iTabs has unveiled a new smartphone-esque design for its giant touch screens. The new Smartphone Housing presents digital content to users in an even more familiar and engaging way than before, mimicking the look of some of the worlds best known devices.

Giant iTab users are presented with a home-screen full of familiar icons, which can be customised by events to showcase various types of digital content – including dedicated event Apps – with all the same gestures and controls as a person’s normal smartphone.

The screens offered by the company can run Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android mobile platforms, allowing users to access content in a way that will be familiar to them.

“With 99% of people touching the screen for the first time, it is a major advantage to offer a user interface that people already know how to use”, said Mark Jones, founder and managing director of Giant iTabs. “In doing so, it will result in better customer involvement, interaction & engagement.”

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