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Women for Women : Belinda Brown: Feminism can only flourish under the protection of real men

On Woman’s Hour on Wednesday feminists Rebecca Asher and Jack Urwin were discussing their respective books both called Manning Up.

While we know that feminists are forever finding new territories to conquer, Asher’s land grab sounds truly cynical. She has joined the movement within feminism that labels masculinity as ‘toxic’ and which attempts to pathologise, appropriate and control  what it means to be a boy or man.

It is finally coming to feminists’ attention that boys do much worse at school, that men are much more likely to commit suicide, die, end up homeless or in prison. Thanks to the commitment of men’s rights activists, the knowledge of male disadvantage is  finally penetrating the public domain.

However, instead of using this knowledge to question their own beliefs, feminists are bending and twisting and incorporating this  knowledge into their own narrative to ensure that their utterly toxic, even cancerous (thanks Milo) ideology, remains intact.

According to feminists, male disadvantage simply shows that men too are victims of this ‘hegemonic’ masculinity. We must, according to Rebecca Asher, get rid of this masculinity which afflicts us all. Incidentally, she claims she would like to get rid of femininity too. In her world in order to become people we need to be robbed of what it means to be women and men.

Listen up, you evil harridans

There is nothing toxic about masculinity. It is masculinity that protected women and their children from birth through to old age. To this day, it is women who have the benefit of a husband who are much more likely not only to have the financial support that comes from having a provider, but more likely to have better paid work and children very much more likely to thrive. All this comes from men feeling responsible for their women and children. This is the bread and butter of masculinity.

And the utterly hidden part of the equation is the way in which feminists benefit from men.

This gets to the heart of why men suffer. They protect us, provide for us. Chameleon-like they adapt themselves and their way of life to fit in with prevalent feminist desires and whims. Yet there is no acknowledgement, let alone recognition, value or worth attached to what they do.

It is not masculinity that is toxic. Feminists are the parasites, getting fat on the goodwill, tolerance and indeed chivalry of men and then denying them, thus suffocating the source of their food.

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