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FMCG : Vimto shifts TV spend to Snapchat / Comments from Emma Hunt and Nola Calladine

For the first time Vimto has shifted its TV ad spend online, with a significant investment into Snapchat to support the launch of its new teen-focused Vimto Remix brand.

In a campaign planned and bought by MEC Manchester and with creative by Driven, Vimto is running a sponsored lens where users can turn themselves into a ‘Vimtoad’ for 24 hours on 18 June, with further Snapchat activity until the end of July.
Snapchat lenses are a creative and dynamic way for Snapchatters to be silly and express themselves. Lenses appear when you press and hold on your face, offering you the ability to apply real-time visual effects and sounds to your selfies. Sponsored lenses are custom-built by Snapchat and only one appears each day. Snapchatters can send a Snap with lenses to friends, or add it to their own story, and sponsored lenses allow brands to take part in this one-to-one communication.

This shift in strategy acknowledges the shifting media consumption of younger audiences and forms part of a wider teen audience including VOD and social media.

Emma Hunt, marketing controller at Vimto, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Snapchat as part of our launch campaign for Vimto Remix. The platform is brilliant for teens, and allows us the chance to really bring the fun and quirky Vimtoad to life.”

Nola Calladine, Managing Partner at MEC added: “Snapchat adds real excitement to our campaign, enabling us to engage teens with communications they know and love. We have really enjoyed collaborating with Snapchat and Driven, and look forward to the impact of a successful collaboration.”