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Print advertising stands head and shoulders above online marketing – How true is that?

I was recently at a networking event for professionals. There were over a 1,000 individuals representing a wide range of careers, from architects to lawyers to landscapers.

Just about everyone with whom I spoke asked for, or offered, a business card. On few occasions, I suggested connecting through professional online networks; unfortunately, this was not received warmly.

Before the end of the event, and after speaking with about 10 different professionals, once again I came to appreciate the value of print.

Certainly one cannot doubt the volume of online information and the role digital media plays in our lives. However, it is print media that provides the necessary connection and trust that online media cannot. For example, the business card, designed and printed specifically for you, speaks volumes about your business and your commitment as a professional. It is a first step in building a professional relationship. Among other things, it provides tangibility and is immediately engaging. The same is true for other print media outlets such as direct mail and magazine ads.

Statistics reported on DMR (formerly Digital Marketing Ramblings) make this point.

  • For example, 92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making decisions on what and where to buy;
  • non-profits receive 78% of their donations through direct mail;
  • direct mail response rates have increased by 14% since 2004, while response rates from email have dropped by 57%; and, most telling,
  • 56% find print marketing to be the most trustworthy marketing approach.

A closer analysis shows that the power behind print media involves accessibility and its engaging nature. Printing Services in Manchester makes the argument for why print is so effective. They talk about the power that print has on making first impressions

It is a good point; whether it is a brochure, a business card, or an ad in a magazine, it is the first impression that counts. Print provides the ability to deliver a positive and intelligent message, while also creating a lasting connection. Simply, it is easier for us to connect with, trust, and remember something that we can touch and see at the same time. Print engages us more effectively because it engages more of our senses.

On the other hand, studies show that online marketing is not as effective because of how we read. A San Jose University study, reported on, showed that we mismanage our time when we read online. Essentially, we skim and scan the screen rather than read. As a result, we have harder time sustaining our attention when reading onscreen as opposed to on paper. Other related studies attributed this difference to the physical nature of paper. When we look at paper, we can physically see how much to read, and it is possible for us to decide how much time to spend reading and to sustain our attention during that time. In a way, it is a mental mapping and planning.

Another article, on, discussed how and why we trust paper more. Again the article cited credibility and legitimacy that the physical nature of paper provides. Print media and advertising stand head and shoulders above online marketing because of the connection and the trust print provides. Today, with the enormous volume of information available, and the continuous interruptions that we encounter online, creating a connection and trust are crucial for a business. Without trust, it is that much challenging to build a business relationship.Paper provides that possibility.

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