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Important question : How classy are you? 51 pointers…

How classy are you? The 51 things that will reveal how well brought up you were (including shopping at Waitrose and holding doors open)

  • A new British survey revealed what people consider signals of class
  • Speech, age, demeanour and personal style are judgement touch points. The Royal Family and Taylor Swift are some of the classiest celebrities.

We have included this blog [TheMarketingblog] in the list as number 51. It is by far the classiest marketing blog in the UK, probably in the world

Class is no longer dictated by wealth as style, demeanour and worldliness can now be tell-tale signs of a sophisticated person.

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Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is the cornerstone of  a proper upbringing, according to a new survey of 2,000 Brits, followed by reading widely and having good table manners.

Avoiding text speak, being bilingual and maintaining great posture also made the top 50 touches of class.


1. Says please and thank you

2. Is well-read

3. Has good table manners

4. Doesn’t swear

5. Knows what cutlery to use

6. Is discreet

7. Doesn’t start eating a meal until everyone else at the table has their food

8. Holds doors open

9. Never drinks directly from the bottle

10. Doesn’t use text speak

11. Avoids emotional Facebook or Twitter rants

12. Gives up a seat on public transport for someone else

13. Able to speak more than one language

14. Has great posture

15. Doesn’t gossip

16. Brings gifts for hosts when attending events

17. Shops in Waitrose

18. Doesn’t get drunk

19. Knows correct way to pour a bottle of wine

20. Places a napkin on lap when eating

21. Doesn’t discuss money or how much things cost

22. Knows more than two types of wine

23. Knows correct way to hold a wine glass

24. Doesn’t wear football strips as casual wear

25. Is a good listener

26. Doesn’t watch reality TV

27. Knows Mozart from Beethoven

28. Owns a timeless pair of shoes

29. Is up to date with current affairs

30. Has good culinary knowledge

31. Has National Trust membership

32. Only gives compliments when they actually mean it

33. Attends the Chelsea Flower Show

34. Prefers champagne to prosecco

35. Pays the bill

36. Isn’t easily flustered

37. Doesn’t get into arguments

38. Never borrows money from friends

39. Knows more poetry than ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ from William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’

40. Never forgets a meeting

41. Doesn’t fill the wine glass to the top

42. Uses the word ‘supper’

43. Rarely eats takeaways

44. Listens to Today on Radio 4

45. Avoids drinking instant coffee

46. Is a generous tipper

47. Knows how to flirt properly

48. Never caught running for the bus or train

49. Arrives fashionably late to a party (but not too late)

50. Owns a pedigree dog

51  Reads TheMarketingblog