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“I love the new brand. It looks beautiful, is customer focused and gives a clear, simple route to our products” / Kate Cox, CMO, 123 Reg

by on September 16, 2016 in Business, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Nuggets, Online Advertising

123 Reg, the UK’s leading domain registrar has revealed a new brand strategy and identity in a bid to become even more accessible to micro business customers. It has been created by next generation business consultancy, BrandCap.

The new branding positions 123 Reg as a digital enabler. It emphasises the belief that succeeding online should be achievable for all; whether as a business or personally. The businesses new identity focuses on three core aspects:

  1. Positive: being optimistic about the future of the web and the possibilities it offers 123 Reg’s micro business customers
  2. Encouraging: genuinely wanting its customers to succeed so being proactive, practical, supportive and full of suggestions
  3. Making the brand experience effortlessly simple: concentrating on the essential aspects of what its customers want and need

The brand philosophy has shifted from being product focused to solution based. It is centred on storytelling and sociability, using real life case studies as the major content driver. It also encourages customers to engage by sharing their online experiences and successes, and utilising social media to build their profile alongside 123 Reg.

The new brand personality is designed to accentuate 123 Reg’s strengths by being bold, welcoming and straightforward. This means that it is warm, uncomplicated, forward looking, with a clear point of view.

The rebrand is underpinned by the brand idea of maximising potential: all people and businesses have a dream or a goal. For many of them, getting and succeeding online will help them to achieve it. 123 Reg’s role is to help them maximise this potential through its simple and intuitive services, backed up with trusted products and friendly support.

The new brand expression uses a simple colour scheme with a bold and straightforward logo and typeface.  It uses flat, graphic interpretations of well-known digital panels – such as a browser window, an email window or an Instagram post – with simple copy as a way to inspire customers about maximising their potential. Framing the content in this way helps to draw the eye and champion the success stories.

Comments Kate Cox, CMO, 123 Reg:

“I love the new brand. It looks beautiful, is customer focused and gives a clear, simple route to our products. BrandCap is fantastic to work with. They intrinsically understand what we need and want and deliver it with a minimum of fuss.”

Adds Manfred Abraham, Managing Partner at BrandCap:

“Getting bogged down in the product is very easy for tech brands, often resulting in a staid and harsh façade. We’ve brought out the personality of 123 Reg – it’s always been there but needed to be articulated. We are confident that this new brand direction will help 123 Reg engage more customers and ultimately lead to increased sales and better retention.”

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