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Important news for B2B Marketers : 10 huge mistakes content marketers make

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Important news for B2B Marketers : 10 huge mistakes content marketers make

Latest Content News  …Nathan Sinnott writes … Content marketing is big business these days. It’s a huge element of online marketing and has become a favoured lead generation tactic for many businesses, with good reason.

And, it’s not an easy task. There’s more to it than just posting content. The marketer must come up with a suitable, time appropriate topic, draft up the initial content, proofread and edit and then finally publish the piece.

Another recent content article from theMarketingblog “Content marketing generates three times more leads than outbound marketing”

Content marketing experts know from experience just how tough it is to create outstanding content consistently, let alone content that shoots the lights out. This is why leading content marketers are highly sought after by big business, as they have honed their skills, understanding what makes great content and how to avoid fatal mistakes that can destroy the quality of their content, or even worse their brand.

In this post, I’m going to share 10 simple avoidable mistakes, to boost the quality of your content, and give it a stronger chance of being successful.

1. Quality is king.

A crucial mistake made by so many content marketers is the creation and pumping out of truckloads of content for the sake of content. When it comes to content, quality is king and to add to that — consistent, predictable quality is the sweet spot. A haphazard, rushed, or under-whelming content marketing strategy guarantees you or the company you are representing poor lead generation results, and an utter waste of marketing budgets.

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Don’t ever feel compelled to throw words in for the sake of making the piece bigger. If you can say it succinctly and convincingly in fewer words, do exactly that.

2. Proofread, edit, proofread, edit, repeat.

Marketers and business owners new to content marketing often fall into the trap of thinking it’s easy. How hard can putting a few words down on paper be hey? Here’s the reality check — being a quality content marketer is much harder than it seems. Creating engaging, quality content on a consistent basis is difficult and the fact is most of the population won’t be good at it for a variety of reasons. Those that are new to it, will almost always make this mistake. The mistake of failing to thoroughly proofread and edit their content, more than once.

Don’t put in all the effort in the lead up, to fall at the final hurdle, thus destroying everything before, by failing to proofread, and edit to ensure nothing less than an excellent end product.

3. Topic selection.

Topic selection is crucial, and often underestimated in terms of it’s impact on the outcomes of your content marketing efforts. Most people write about what they like, or base the decision on a guess. Avoid these mistakes, and research your potential topics. Get insight into what topics are trending and delivering great engagement. These are your hotspots. Target them, and offer something unique, and engaging.

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