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The office – lots of us spend eight-plus hours a day there

by on November 10, 2016 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, London & South East, News you can use

The office – lots of us spend eight-plus hours a day there

Eight Ways to Make Your Office Cooler

The office, eh? Lots of us spend eight-plus hours a day there and often, it’s not as comfortable or as well-decorated as our homes. Many people don’t see making an office space comfortable and fun as important, especially as it’s not home.

This is just plain wrong; think about it, that City of London office space is where you spend most of your waking hours each week, so it should be welcoming, fun and funky and above all, friendly and comforting.

No-one’s saying there has to be an onsite masseuse, or a juice bar, or a personal pool and hot-tub for each employee. Making an office cooler and funner (it’s a neologism, right?) doesn’t need as much work or as much money as you might imagine. Here are eight ideas you’ll love – one for each hour…

A USB-powered vacuum cleaner

Smaller is funner, it’s a fact. It’s easy to overlook the dust and crumbs that fall onto your keyboard until they gum up the keys. A quick blasting with a miniature vacuum cleaner at the end of the day prevents this problem, and you can pretend you’re in the film Gattaca.

Remote-controlled cars

These are great for sending daft messages and memos, taking lunch orders and generally being silly.

Wholesome snacks

Snacks are vital to a happy workplace, but less than one in five workplaces provides free snacks to employees. It’s worth the investment, as more than two-thirds of employees who have free snacks available say they’re very happy at work.

Googly eyes

Peel-and-stick googly eyes are great fun, especially when they’re attached to an object that looks like it has real emotions as a result! Humans look for faces in everything – it’s an instinct – and so you can get as creative as you like.

A solar rainbow-maker

Everyone loves rainbows – they’re colourful and bright, but seen all too infrequently, especially indoors. Well, with the appliance of science, Richard of York no longer needs to give battle in vain…

Stability balls and resistance bands

When employees are too busy to get to the gym in their lunch break, they’ll welcome the chance to spend a few minutes on a stability ball or with some resistance bands instead.

Surface skins and patterned wall tiles

It can be expensive and time-consuming to redecorate or refurbish an entire office, so why not compromise and get in a few stickable skins to revamp your tables and, well, any other flat surface you fancy transforming.

It doesn’t have to be just horizontal surfaces that get this treatment, as you can buy wall skins as well, which are far quicker and easier to apply than new paint. Each employee can have their own colour scheme and zone to relax into each day.

Some desktop party packs

A variety of party packs – for birthdays, promotions, maternity leave periods and even project endings – are really handy for spur-of-the-moment celebrations. If you can pull out a party from your drawer in a matter of seconds, you’ll be the social focal point of the office!


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