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Six Pointers : How to run a successful marketing campaign

No matter how exceptional your product or service, without a successful marketing strategy from the get-go, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  To ensure people notice and buy what you’re offering is the greatest challenge of any marketing campaign.

Creativity, imagination and drive will stand you in good stead, but it’s also vital to gain a basis of knowledge to structure your ideas and implement them in a way that gets real results.  Here are some concrete suggestions to get your campaign off the ground.

When you are promoting your products and services, it’s a good idea to use a marketing mix of tools, strategies, and tactics.

Know your market, rivals and roadblocks

You need your product to stand out on its own merit, but also to rise to the top in a sea of similar services.  Assessing the competition is a good place to start.  Research similar businesses in your area.  Gauging the potential threat to your own business will help you map out the best ways to compete.  Which brings us to the next point.

Know your product and what makes it unique

To generate interest in your product or service, you’re going to need to put your finger on what makes it stand out, and how to encapsulate this exclusive quality in your advertising.  In developing marketing campaigns and strategies, it’s important to find some way of emphasising what you can give, that no one else can.  Search for an image, a phrase or a distinctive style that will resonate with people.

Know your customer base

Start from an informed perspective on your target demographic.  Think carefully about the best ways to reach them.  If you wish to appeal to young people, consider their preferred methods of communication and the current trends, interests and occupations of that age group.  As the Huffington Post acknowledges, it’s smart to consider the power of digital and social media and how to best harness it to reach your target audience.

Know where to get high-quality training for your team

It’s vital that you start from a foundation of knowledge, and reputable, specialised courses are the place to build this foundation.

Training centres like Simetral provide in-depth, comprehensive courses at all levels and will equip your team with the weighty qualifications they’ll need to produce a stand-out marketing campaign.

If you come to the table with a solid set of skills, you’re far more likely to produce exciting results.

Focus your energy, creativity, and ideas into practical schemes

Spend time thinking, planning, and creating.  Give yourself as much space and time as you can afford, to craft your campaign.  Once you are equipped with a creative vision, plan your strategy to realise it.  This is where the practical thinking starts, as you begin to seek ways to distribute advertising, gather and use resources and get out amongst the public to show what you’ve got.

You’ll need creative thinkers on your team, but also doers, and with the right groundwork and knowledge, you can make this alchemy work to produce marketing gold.