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Events : Interview with Arnout Hellemans about CRO – Conversion Elite

by on May 5, 2017 in Business, CRM, Latest News, Lead Article, London & South East, News you can use, Nuggets


Arnout Hellemans is the first speaker in the interview series leading upto Conversion Elite 2017. Arnout is a well respected Dutch digital marketer who loves the topic of A/B Testing.


Q) Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A) I’m Arnout Hellemans, a 41 year old married family man with 3 kids, living in Amsterdam, enjoying Digital Marketing, Optimising website and being a foodie.

Q) Can you tell us a bit about your agency?

A) I would not call it an agency, more a one-man-show. Loving the freedom and working for awesome clients on optimising their site(s) such as 2Care4Kids or Ouder Match.

Q) What is your preferred methodology for testing CRO?

A) To be honest, with most clients I focus on fixing things (like measurement, speed and UX); so I focus on this, when we are at say 80% optimum we start testing. But most take quite a while to get there.

Q) How do you define a mobile customer?

A) A mobile customer is someone using a mobile device imho. So either using an app or the mobile version of the website to interact.

Q) Is there a difference between mobile (web) and mobile (app) customers?

A) Yes, especially on the onboarding but also on the usage, the app gives you so much more possibilities compared to the mobile site.

Q) For those thinking about creating multi-lingual content, Google translate is fine isn’t it?

A) You might think so but I would really discourage anyone to think this way, Google translate is getting better but definitely far from optimal, especially in some of my main languages like Dutch. Google translate can be a base, but get a proper translator or native speaker to check everything.

Q) For brands thinking of entering the dutch market, it’s fine to use German content isn’t it?

A) No, that is not fine, for one it’s a completely different market and German is a very different language. And vice versa wouldn’t work either.Dutch vs German Comparison

Q) How important is creativity when it comes to CRO?

A) In my opinion being able to understand the motives of your visitors (if one would call this creativity), then this is very important, really understand visitor playbacks. There are no stupid visitors (actually there are but UX should try to minimize this group)


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