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5 ways technical brands can be exciting

Marketing technical products can be challenging.

Brands often struggle to translate their product’s innovation and ingenuity into an engaging message that attracts attention.

Technical specifications are important but strong storytelling can make a lasting impression. So here are 5 ways brands simultaneously strut their technical stuff AND sound exciting.

Hit those pain points

If your product isn’t obviously inspirational, the clever way it solves annoying problems probably is.

Whether you’re selling lLOLER inspection compliance software that saves lives in a range of sectors or cybersecurity products to protect printers and PCs, state clearly how you make life easier for customers.

Connect through your values

State Street Global Investors are an asset management company. This might not set imaginations instantly alight.

But their Fearless Girl campaign foregrounded a commitment to promoting gender equality on the boards of businesses they invest in.

Their ethical stance is embodied in the instantly iconic bronze statue that faces the Wall Street bull in defiance.

Customers connect with companies whose products and services support deeply-held values.

Emotional connection

Adobe Creative Cloud’s recent campaign creatively tapped into the romance and regret surrounding lost or destroyed art masterpieces.

Digital artists used Adobe stock images to repair, restore and remix lost paintings from artists like Rembrandt and Caravaggio — reminding customers that only imagination limits the scope and application of their product.

Everyday excellence

Russia’s Sberbank picked up a Prize at Cannes Lions for a campaign that connected community needs and entrepreneurial spirit.

Using geo-targeted banners and empty billboards, they asked local residents what shops and services were missing from their neighbourhoods.

The data collected was shared with entrepreneurs who requested loans from the bank to set up shops that met defined demands.

Proving your commitment to local investment brings products and services home to the heart of community life.

Sweeten up frustrated customers

Indian digital wallet service Paytm needed customers to switch from traditional cash payments to their digital offering.

Indian customers are frustrated when shopkeepers apologise for having no small change and hand out sweets as a stop gap.

So Paytm supplied shop owners with their own branded sweets containing a code letting shoppers swap confectionery for digital currency. The campaign convinced one million customers to try Paytm services.

So spotting a gap where you solve frustrations cleverly is a smart market move.

These five campaigns use creative imagination to ensure customers know their brands make life better.

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