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Brand affiliation : Summer movie season – who ruled the roost? … 4C Insights

by on August 23, 2017 in Entertainment, Film, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Research

Summer movie season has reeled in more than $11bn worldwide at the box office this year, but who ruled the roost?

With so much noise being created around big blockbuster releases including Dunkirk and Baby Driver, it’s easy to think they’d have seized the top spots.

However, social media and data scientists at 4C Insights @4Cinsights have dug into the stats to unveil that in fact it’s the family genre of film that has benefitted most from one of the wetter summer’s on record.

Here are some key insights from the stats you might be interested in:

  • Pizza Hut bringing back their cheesey bites pizza in a Spiderman box worked in their favour as the stats show those engaging with the film, were engaging with Pizza Hut’s social channels, over any other brand, the most
  • Despite having not as many ad spots as others, Wonder Woman soared above the rest when it came to the number of social engagements. Interestingly Olay, the skincare beauty brand, was the most affiliated brand with this movie.
  • All the hype of Dunkirk didn’t make it to social. This movie was at the lower end of the list of movies most socially engaged with. Interestingly Game Stop, the online games store, was Dunkirk’s top affiliation. With Call of Duty and Battlefield having recently created WWI and WWII inspired videogames, this may have been the reasoning as to why those engaging with Dunkirk were also engaging with Game Stop

Movie Worldwide box office taking, to date (18/08) Most Ad (trailer) Spots (May 1st – July 31st) Number of social engagements 1 week after release date % of social sentiment Top brand affiliation
Despicable Me 3 


$922,640,767 6,775 116,093 83% Biore Skincare
Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 


$862,058,355 12,691 947,995 80% Geico
Wonder Woman 


$798,666,009 5,353 1,518,043 82% Olay
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies 


$786,1776,309 3,116 748,487 76% Angry Orchard
Spiderman: Homecoming 


$704,480,368 8,154 891,104 79% Pizza Hut


$375,701,682 3,884 511,523 77% Game Stop
Baby Driver 


$167,673,768 3,529 112,797 76% Marchesa

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