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3 ways brand consistency affects your business

When it comes to brand marketing, consistency is at the heart of everything you do in business.

It assures customers that they can expect excellent service and quality wherever they come in contact with your brand and inspires staff to deliver to the highest standards every time.

Consumers are also turned off when they don’t know what a brand stands for and when it lacks a distinctive voice — but they trust consistent messaging.

Here are three ways brand consistency affects your business.

Customer service

Consistent customer service can only be delivered if you take the time to explain to staff what your service standards are and why they’re so important.

Employees have to believe that their firm makes a difference, to understand how customers should feel when they come in contact with them and the agreed ways services are delivered.

And customer service is closely aligned to your organisational values — once these are standardised internally, staff will project them externally, with a little positive reinforcement.

Management should reward staff who develop keen customer-satisfaction skills and ensure that they make the teams they supervise feel valued.

So once great customer service is applied inside and outside a business, staff are motivated and productive because they genuinely believe in what they’re doing.

Property design

When you’re considering commercial property rental options, you’ll naturally look for a location in an area where your business has the best chance of capturing a slice of the market.

But whether you’re searching for offices or shops to rent, be sure that the premises offer you a flexible layout that allows you to add the distinctive branding touches that make you special.

Major exterior refurbishments might not be possible unless you own the building, but skilled shop fitters can ensure that your interior reflects branding carefully and consistently in fine detail — from light fittings to display stands.

Creating the right ambience in a store ensures that shoppers feel completely relaxed so they can take their time browsing and buying.

And a well-appointed office with distinctive branding creates a lasting positive impression with new business partners and customers alike.


Omni-channel consistency allows your brand to achieve the same excellent service standards in-store, online and on mobile.

This means that you’ll keep customers happy no matter how they prefer to do business with you.

And it affects the type of content you create for customers and the tone of your communications on different social media platforms.

By collecting and analysing the data digital customers leave as they interact with you online you can ensure that your brand messaging is consistent and your approach can be tweaked and adapted regularly in order to drive sales and loyalty.

Every channel will overlap too — so consistency enables you to connect with customers who connect through different channels when it suits them.

These three ways brand consistency affects your business provide a firm foundation for sustainable success.