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4 industries Chinese manufacturing has revolutionized

by on March 24, 2018 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

4 industries Chinese manufacturing has revolutionized

The Chinese have made strides in many areas of commerce and technology.

Their contribution in manufacturing has been particularly notable and has been backed by modern technology to help in the manufacture of autonomous tools. With AI catching pace, Chinese manufacturers have taken part in building tools that have helped to transform the whole manufacturing process.

Many industries are set to experience the disruption that will be stirred by the growth of AI and other production technologies, and this could be either for positive gain. Here are four areas of manufacturing where the Chinese have made impact.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous cars are something that is gaining interest among manufacturers and every automobile manufacturer is pumping money into research. The Chinese have particularly contributed well in robotics and AI and many of their cities are being designed with autonomous driving in mind.

A lot of companies have created open source autonomous driving platforms that have invited manufacturers to help build projects around autonomous driving and ensure they are able to produce self driving cars by 2020. Didi Chuxing, their domestic ride-hailing giant has invested in technology that will help to alleviate the severe traffic problem in the country, and this will be dealt with through the manufacture of autonomous vehicles.


Healthcare has also benefitted from Chinese manufacturing and solutions. With a population that is comprised mostly of aging individuals, China has suffered from having an overstretched healthcare system and that created the need to have solutions in place to address healthcare needs. China has invested in AI and their healthcare manufacturing processes are now factoring in smart technologies that can help patients get more data about themselves to ease the treatment process.

For example, iCarbonX has created a smart mirror that can do 3-D scans as well as a robot that will be working together with medical professionals while operating patients. The robot is also programmed to capture information about the patient.

The Robotics Revolution

China has revolutionized high-tech manufacturing through robotics, and this can be seen in the high scale of installations that are happening across China in many industries.

Robots are efficient and are viewed as a perfect replacement for the shrinking labor pool. Many manufacturers are choosing to use robotics in the manufacturing process and this has created worries among the workforce as they believe the automation of processes could render them jobless if the trend continues.

Vaping and Related Tools

Many people who vape will agree that a lot of the vaping tools in the market are made in China. If you are looking for vape mods for sale, you most probably will get a perfect solution made in China. Vaping has grown as an industry and the Chinese have contributed with the manufacture of ecigarettes.

The Chinese economy has supported manufacturing and has been on the forefront working towards enhancing industrialization. They have made inroads into different industries and led to the growth of AI in manufacturing. Chinese has also helped to build healthcare systems and is also dominating the production of vaping materials.

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