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5 Property management marketing trends companies should try in 2018

by on May 28, 2018 in Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Scotland, Small Business, Startups

5  Property management marketing trends companies should try in 2018

property searchAt like to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going on in the property management sector. This is an ever shifting business where management and marketing strategies can seem to change from year to year.

Property management goals hardly ever change, but the way your present and market your business and the techniques you use can shift quite frequently. The main aim is to attract the attention of customers looking to buy a property and encouraging them to buy from you.

Without getting the attention of your customers, you may as well give up. This is why to keep your business going you need to keep your marketing fresh and appeal to investors, buyers and potential tenants alike.

Let’s take a look at five strong marketing strategies and trends for 2018:

1: Cater for short attention spans

property marketingProperty management marketing trends are constantly changing. Today’s younger buyers have been brought up in a digital age. They are used to getting information instantly through their smartphones and tablets. They are also very busy, so don’t have the time or patience to read through large amount of text or information.

Think of the popularity of snap-chat, Instagram and 30 second videos on Facebook. Keep your message short and to the point. Use strong visual draws wherever possible, and even add in some well-meaning humour to help make your message stick in their heads.


2: Smartphone optimisation

However you advertise your property company, you need to make sure everything is fully optimised for a mobile audience. More internet traffic came from mobile devices during 2016 than through desktop searches. Buyers and renters like to consume information while on the move, so make sure you are mobile-friendly.


3: Video marketing

mobile video marketingAs mentioned before, people like to watch short, high-quality video to glean information. Take a quick look at your Facebook feed and you will see video after video has been posted – this strategy obviously works or else your wouldn’t see the sheer volume of short videos across Facebook and Twitter.

Showcasing properties via video is also a useful tool – whether that’s posting a general video on your website or you create a video walk-through for interested clients wanting to see inside before deciding to buy.


4: property management marketing trends – Live feed your open house

You can build up a lot of interest and excitement through doing a live feed of your open house. Interacting with viewers who cannot make the open house in person and answering their questions instantly as you do a walk through of your property will certainly inspire interested buyers to take the next step and could even create a bit of competition between interested parties that are watching.


5: property management marketing trends – Be present on social media

property management marketing trendsSocial media has certainly changed the face of the internet over recent years. It has become so popular that many prospective buyers will turn to social media first to find out about a company before visiting their website. Having a strong social media presence is great, but you need to actually be present for your audience.

Be there to answer their questions and use your Facebook page or Twitter feed as your customer support channel. Many buyers these days are much happier firing off a quick question via social media rather than sitting down to formulate a long-winded email.

Try not to become overwhelmed with your marketing strategies. You don’t need to do everything at once. Simply choose one or two new strategies to start and add in others a bit further down the line.


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