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Exclusive : Automobile industry: the internet and new marketing strategies

by on July 30, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, Movers & Groovers, News you can use, Nuggets

Exclusive : Automobile industry: the internet and new marketing strategies

The business of trading cars is going through a massive transformation. This will inevitably lead to new rules and a shift in power. Companies able to easily adapt to the recent developments will find their enterprise expanding further.

However, those who are slow or prefer to remain in the status quo will lose substantially. The current revolution is redefining the sale, marketing, and distribution of vehicles. This is not only limited to whole car sales.

Car parts is also an area that will be touched. The Bosch automotive products provide high grade items and accessories to keep your car performing optimally. Some of these include best car cleaning products, the simplest to use navigation instructions to the easiest means in eliminating scratches and dents. There are even car wax products to last up to 9 years through the worst possible winters.

They do not require an extensive professional knowledge to utilize.

Transformation in the automobile sector might come through different channels. Either car manufacturers find out new concepts in making sure their products remain relevant to the masses or creative retailers and software companies will be the first to sell the idea to the masses.

The automobile sector today

The sale of cars and trucks have gone through so much rapid changes lately. This is indeed surprising because it is an industrty known for being slow, expensive, having poor services, and distressing selling processes. In past decades, the automotive industry’s competition was restricted to other manufacturers. However, with the emergence of the internet, the market has expanded to such an extent people from outside the industry can join in the competition. The internet reduced the entry requirement for dealers with novel ideas so as to aid consumers in purchasing vehicles that meet their specific needs. This tendency is in consonance with what is happening in other spheres of human development as people get more access to information and their options increase as well.

Car manufacturers are now more interested in marketing their products to the consumers themselves. This role is no longer left in the hands of retailers and middle men. Such a move extends the influence of manufacturers to providing much required services. More information about the utilization of these vehicles can be gotten by the industries from consumers thereby help in providing the best solutions.

Points to consider

The automobile industry revolves around some key issues. A few are highlighted below:

The manufacturer’s strategy. Most retailers are dependent on what choices the manufacturer makes. Some car brands are specific for a particular geographical location. The dealers have to market those particular vehicles to the consumers. In some cases, it is as little as one or two models. Retailers can be an extension of the manufacturer’s business acumen.

The problem with this type of business model is that it is resistant to innovation. This is why some regions like the United States and Europe have regulations to protect dealers from being limited and controlled by manufacturers. Effective national distribution laws in Europe keep car businesses thriving. There are cases where dealers, across town, find themselves competing with each other for the sale of same brand of cars. It reduces dealer profit.


Customer’s requirement. Majority of customers are unhappy with purchase from dealers. This is one reason internet-based marketing is currently trending. Buyers have the possibility to compare prices, source information, solicite price quotes, and even conduct some part of the transaction themselves.

Suburban areas with ample space to showcase vehicles are good for used car sale retailers. Some dealers also incorporate the sale of automobile parts. For new cars, there is a necessity for test drive sites. Whether new or used cars, it is imperative to sell or resale vehicles before depreciation reduces the value further.

Profiting from the internet. The internet is such an important part of modern automotive industry that manufacturers are developing web-based solutions. The next major key players might be software-based companies. There is an estimate for some car sales, up to 40% of customers gather information from the web.

However, there are yet a small percentage who solicite price quotations and compare different retailers before an actual purchase. The internet has, on itself, greatly reduced the cost of acquiring data about any item. It is not just limited to customers obtaining information about a product, it is also a medium for manufacturers to communicate directly with customers. It goes even further to expand the possibilities of business transactions to international levels. The traditional and geographical way of doing business is becoming obsolete in modern times.

Auto dealers are relevant. This is not to give the impression auto dealers will become redundant. The transformation in trucks and cars are increasing the requirement for dealers.

Customer satisfaction is usually a much more important competitive diferentiator than the vehicle itself.

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