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New : A guide to kitting out your workspace

When you need to stock up on essentials for your workspace, from chairs and desks to cupboards, it’s important that you know exactly what to look for.

To help you select the perfect solutions for your office, it’s worth bearing the following pointers in mind.

Make sure you have lots of storage

You might dream of having a paperless office one day, but in reality right now, your workspace may often be awash with documents. To help you control the chaos, it’s vital that you have suitable storage solutions in place. Filing cabinets, such as the selection available at, are always useful when it comes to keeping paperwork in order. You could also invest in bookcases and cupboards.

The important thing when it comes to office storage is to make sure you have enough of it. You might be surprised by how quickly shelves and drawers fill up, and it’s always best to overestimate rather than underestimate your storage needs. If square footage is in short supply in your office, look out for space saving units such as specially designed corner cupboards, full-height filers and under-desk pedestals.

Think carefully about user comfort

Whenever you’re picking out office must-haves such as chairs and desks, make sure you put plenty of thought into user comfort. Your employees might spend long hours at their workstations, and the last thing they want is to suffer from a sore neck or bad back. As well as being bad news for them, this could increase absenteeism among your personnel and hit your productivity.

When you’re selecting chairs, make sure you look out for designs with contoured backs that offer plenty of lumbar support, as well as luxuriously padded seats. Your chairs should also be height adjustable and feature a back tilt function to enable people to get into the perfect working position.

Meanwhile, desks should be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate all the equipment that will go on them and to allow users to set up their computer, phone and other essentials in a way that suits them.

Find stylish furniture that matches your brand

Last but by no means least, focus on looks. It’s vital that the items you choose reflect your brand and complement the overall appearance and feel of your workspace. This will help to ensure employees and visitors to your premises will be impressed by what they see.

This applies to all elements of your workplace, including your seating. As Furniture At Work highlights in its ‘My Chair: Get the celebrity look in your office’ infographic, opting for leather seating can help you to make a statement and emphasise your strength. Classic leather chairs also exude professionalism and success, making them a great choice in a wide range of settings.

Meanwhile, if you want to underscore a more playful, fun approach to work, you could opt for office furniture in vibrant colours. From lime green, to bright orange to radiant pink, there’s no shortage of hues to take your pick from. Consider going for contemporary furniture designs too, such as modern looking mesh chairs with striking angular frames.

As long as you bear these principles in mind when kitting out your office, you won’t struggle to achieve the results you’re looking for.