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“Knowing when enough is enough”

There is no doubt that the Smartphone has changed our lives yet we are still only starting to understand the full impact that this new technology is having on them, our relationships and the lives of our children.

I wonder if Steve Jobs knew just how much the smartphone was going to change the way we communicate with each other. It seems incredible to think that with carry with us daily the technology to power a satellite in our pockets.

When we look at the research carried out on Smartphone usage it becomes apparent that we are still only scraping at the surface of how this use interfaces with our relationships.

Is it true that our smartphones are keeping us connected better or is it more that they are taking us further away from our relationships?  Or another question could easily be does using our smartphones to check on our social media sites offer us some respite from our busy lives or is doing this distracting us from real problems which need to be addressed?

What we must not make the mistake of doing is assuming that it is the portable devices that are the real problem as they are pretty impressive tools, rather it is the way we use those tools and opportunities they give us that is the real issue.

Most adolescents today (and some older folk too) when asked if they could live without their phones would answer with a resounding no, and this is for a few good reasons.

Personally, I am one of the adults who would not want to be without their mobiles phones as I find it so convenient. I lead a busy life and sometimes it feels as if I am juggling home and work to the extreme. Being able to browse, buy goods and services online as well as check up on things like my bank account which at one time would have eaten into my day is important to me.

I also use my phone to source some relaxing moments during my daily schedule or if I am feeling like a little excitement I will pay a visit to my favourite live UK casino and enjoy one of the games there. When you begin to think of how far technology has advanced, it’s pretty amazing that I can now sit down with other players at a table with a real person dealing and in real time, all through my smartphone.

But I know when to put my mobile away, and that is the big difference between myself and some other mobile users who have been accused of ‘phubbing.’

Phubbing (or phone snubbing) is a term that is used for people who will ignore those that they are with in favour of their smartphone and it has been named as one of the main reasons for the breakup of relationships today.

Knowing when and where not to use your phone to take a picture is one thing but ignoring your dinner partner in favour of taking a photograph of the excellent meal whilst texting to your friends on face book is another.