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Spend time on CRO because it’s the cherry on the SEO cake

by on October 31, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Search Marketing

Spend time on CRO because it’s the cherry on the SEO cake

CRO stands for conversion rate optimisation. It is what motivates online visitors into taking some sort of action, or more importantly taking an action you want them to take.

It could be a sale, registering their email or a free trial. If you’ve spent the effort of attracting the customer with SEO then don’t lose them because of poor CRO.

According to eConsultancy, for every $92 spent on acquiring leads through SEO, landing pages, blogs and CTAs, just $1 is actually spent on converting them to customers. It’s a figure that’s worth remembering. In culinary terms, it’s like spending countless hours gathering the right ingredients together, creating a recipe that absolutely bursts with flavour, cooking with flair and panache and then spending no time at all on the presentation of the plate.

It results in a customer that doesn’t like what they see in front of them and a customer unlikely to come back to the restaurant or recommend it to others. So, if conversion rate optimisation is absolutely key to online marketing, shouldn’t we spend more time and money on it?

Don’t completely ignore SEO: it is more important, up to a point

SEO is absolutely crucial for your business because it improves a website’s search results and their online visibility. But even if your landing pages are ranking highly on Google and you are seeing a healthy spike in your organic visitor numbers, it doesn’t always translate to sales figures.

Far from it: sometimes if the conversion funnel isn’t performing as well as your SEO and landing page, you won’t see increased sales. What it means is that your website marketing should be looking at how to convert these searches, not from an external point of view, but as part of the strategy applied to the SEO.

Take conversion as seriously as SEO

Making sure you are using the right conversion rate optimisation tools is crucial to enable any digital marketing efforts to perform as envisioned, with A/B testing, CRO management and landing page optimisation all being crucial elements, as noted by GrowthSupermarket. It is absolutely vital to optimise your site and ensure a smooth, frictionless sales funnel.

With increased CRO comes four benefits:

Experience – Utilising your CRO strategy will automatically encourage better site experience for visitors, leading to more time spent browsing which nearly always accounts for increased motivation to buy.

Traffic – Any website that is primed for CRO is going to have to handle more traffic because more visitors will be spending more time in the sale funnel.

Customers – Optimised conversion rate will mean adopting more and more successful tactics to aid customers because increased user experience raises the number of ready-to-buy customers.

Profit – With a higher conversion rate allowing for more leads to convert into customers, the bottom line ROI means increased profits.

To get more out of your conversion rate optimisation, make sure you know what appeals to your audience and encourage a much better relationship between it and your SEO.

Having great SEO does not mean excellent CRO and vice versa.

Explore your options through testing tools like A/B testing and always spend as much time on why visitors convert as you do on your keyword and search. It is the final hurdle for your customers, so make it an easy one for them to get over.

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