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7 reasons your brand needs an explainer video

Today, every brand owner knows just how important a high Google ranking is for their business.

Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings examines the amount of time that visitors spend on the site, which is just one of many reasons why online video has enjoyed considerable growth over the past few years.

Since they are both affordable and effective when it comes to getting the message out, explainer videos have massively boomed in popularity over the past year. Because of this, they are an excellent marketing tool. Using explainer videos to market your brand can help boost your SEO, increase your conversion rates, clarify your product or service, and boost your sales. And, there’s more. We’ve put together some of the main reasons why your business needs an explainer video.

#1. Boost Conversion Rates:

According to a recent survey by Video Rascal, statistics show that 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product after they have viewed an accompanying explainer video.

In addition, an explainer video on your website enables you to keep a close tally on the number of viewers who are more likely to purchase and become customers. Whilst most businesses count sales to see which products are popular, explainer videos let you keep track of the service or product that potential customers are the most interested in, by allowing you to track views for each video.

#2. Get Better Google Search Rankings:

Statistically speaking, boring, stale websites don’t tend to do that well when it comes to their Google ranking. Today, Google is all about promoting and rewarding websites that create an excellent user experience and provide the best user journey for their viewers.

Websites that only contain static images and endless pages of block text tend to rank lower in Google search than those which are more dynamic and offer viewers a more diverse range of content. A low Google ranking can quickly put off potential customers who are looking to buy a product or service – if they even make it that far down.

#3. Generate Social Interest:

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to spread the word and generate interest in their brand via social signals. Companies use images and videos and share them on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate interest in their products and services. With millions of people today signed up to social networking sites, this is one of the best ways to spread the word online via word of mouth marketing.

In fact, a recent study published in The C100 found that more than 70% of Internet users watch online videos. Over half of the population will watch online videos this year, and it’s a number that’s expected to continue growing.

#4. Encourage Your Audience to Retain Information:

Statistics show that people are more likely to retain information that they see and watch. In fact, the average person retains only ten percent of what they hear but a huge 50% of what they see. For your business, this means that providing engaging explainer videos can lead to a huge boost in word of mouth marketing.

Even though technology advances are changing the way in which we market our brands, word-of-mouth marketing continues to be one of the main ways that businesses attract new custom. Social media makes it easier than ever for your users to help you spread the word.

#5. Grab the Attention of Your Audience:

In addition to encouraging your audience to remember your content, explainer videos are also one of the best ways to grab their attention in the first place. When it comes to traditional content, you can only go so far before users start to get bored. Some business owners have attempted to create more interest around a product by adding more elements to their website, such as flashy graphics, tons of images, and colorful fonts.

But this most often will only lead to confused users and a website that takes forever to load. Instead of running the risk of alienating your visitors, take all your cool ideas and have them play out in a video. It will keep your website looking clean and modern, whilst successfully engaging the interest of a potential customer.

#6. Increase Web Traffic:

‘Going viral’ has been around since YouTube first started. A viral video is one that appears to come out of nowhere and generates massive views in a very short time. Although there is, unfortunately, no set formula for ‘going viral’, quite a few brands have gained popularity through these hugely popular videos. If you’re not making videos for your business, your chance of going viral is very slim!

#7. Show Off Your Brand’s Personality:

Last but not least, an explainer video can really showcase your brand personality to both your existing and potential customers. It can often be difficult for a brand to truly show off their personal style online, but it’s important that customers are able to put a face to your brand name.

Where customers will likely have very little contact with you personally as you trade online, this becomes even more important. It can help customers gain a sense of trust in you and the products or services that you sell by forging a virtual connection between the two of you accoding to breadnbeyond.

There are so many benefits to having an explainer video for your brand that you’d need an explainer video to go through them all. Videos are the most popular medium for people to advertise and share information, so make sure that you’re not missing out.