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How to generate roofing contractor leads for your startup

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How to generate roofing contractor leads for your startup

One of the greatest challenges any business experiences is generating leads. Generating roofing contractor leads is no exception, and it can be a trial-and-error of sorts to know what works.

Generating qualified leads is what drives the roofing business. With some help from and the following steps, you can generate residential and commercial leads for your roofing business.

Update your business page.

It is well-known that most consumers today look for local businesses online. However, not all companies utilize Google My Business Page (GMBP) listing. Ensure that you optimize your listing and use the updated features that come with GMBP to generate contractor leads. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use the appointment feature to allow roofing contractor leads to schedule meetings easily. They can immediately book using the feature even without calling you.

  • Use the direct messaging feature so leads can contact you. You can create automated responses if you like or turn it off when you’re not available.

  • Answer questions in the Q&A section to save time, especially when you’re getting the same questions over again.

Take advantage of social media.

Your marketing plan should include social media as it’s sure to get attention these days. Using social media can help improve your visibility to potential clients.

Although search engines’ algorithms may not include social media to influence your rank, having an active social media account will get you into the first page of search results.

If a roofing company has a Facebook page, for example, searching for its name will likely yield its Facebook and other social media pages.

Here are some tips to help improve lead generation using social media:

  • Share customer testimonials or before and after pictures.

  • Share your blog posts to your followers.

  • Host a live question and answer session on Facebook.

  • Share home improvement articles or videos from other sources.

  • Find a local housing contractor partner to create a giveaway or promotion.

  • Give useful advice or comments using your business page.

Request previous customers to write testimonials or reviews.

You can’t expect your customers to write reviews when they’re not asked, and they are more likely to write reviews only when they’re not satisfied. Thus, it’s helpful to ask clients to leave reviews for your business. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Ask them personally after finishing a job. Provide a printed card with URLs of your business page.

  • Send an email after finishing a job and request them to write a review.

  • Specify that you prefer a written review, not just a star rating.

Create strategic partnerships with other roofing contractors.

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is to pair up with other related companies. For example, you can partner with your local hardware store where a lot of people go to buy supplies for home repair tasks.

  • Go and meet the owner and the employees of the company.

  • Bring business cards and brochures to help explain what you do. Ask if they’re willing to refer customers with roof problems to you.

  • You can make a sweeter deal by agreeing to buy some roof supplies from them or tell them you’re an avid customer for supplies.

  • Think about joining a roofing trade organization.

Start a blog.

This seems like an ancient technique, but it can still help you bring traffic to your business startup’s website. Regularly posting high-quality content on your blog will bring organic traffic.

Take note that your blog posts should contain fresh content using roofing SEO keywords, for search engines to prioritize it. To maximize each blog post you publish, use that keyword in essential places in your post such as in a subheader and your title tag.

Implement local SEO.

Roofing local SEO is crucial as it sets you apart from others. It’s one of the best ways to generate roofing contractor leads for your business, setting you apart from the competition.

There are two main parts of local Internet marketing, namely, on-page and off-site optimization. On-page optimization techniques include the following:

  • Optimizing every page of your website for search engine keywords

  • Using localized words in page titles

  • Using keywords in image file names and tags

  • Linking to authority sites

Off-site optimization techniques include the following:

  • Social media sites

  • Uniform listings of business information or citations

  • Backlinks from authority sites, such as roofing publications

Start by identifying the roofing keywords to use. Create content optimized for the given terms. Inspect your citations and ensure they are the same. Building your site’s profile will help you attract quality visitors to your website.

Final Thoughts

Generating leads for your roofing contractor business may not be easy, but the steps that are given here can help you start well. A new roof is expensive, and people do not look for it unless they need to.

Building your online presence will help you grow your business. When your online presence is strong, the possibility of clients finding you increases, too.

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