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What is MPRN and why is it important ?

by on December 20, 2018 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Tech

What is MPRN and why is it important ?

Switching to a new energy supplier requires you to supply some information to complete the transfer.

One piece of crucial data you need to have handy is the MPRN. It is a reference number about your gas supply, and the acronym stands for  MPAN

.The MPRN is readily available on your bill, but in case you are having trouble finding it, you can always contact your provider for assistance.

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Aside from the MPRN, another significant reference number found on your bill is the MPAN or Meter Point Administration Number. The MPAN identifies your property’s electric supply. These numbers are essential because recording the wrong MPRN or MPAN numbers during registration will result in supplying energy to the wrong property.

Why do you need your MPRN and MPAN?

Consider these numbers as your property’s identification. When you are in the process of switching from one supplier to another, these numbers facilitate the smooth transfer of service from your current energy provider to your new supplier. Do not get these numbers wrong, to prevent any inconvenience with the transfer.

Is switching business energy suppliers easy?

One of the main concerns companies have before making a business energy comparison and deciding to switch to a new supplier is the possibility of energy interruption. On the contrary, switching to a new supplier is quick and easy. Companies transferring their services to a new supplier should not worry about any interruptions.

Avoiding rollover contracts

Switching to a new business energy provider is crucial if you want to avoid getting switched over to a more expensive tariff when your current one expires. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you allow your current deal to roll over and renew for another term. Many businesses fail to notice that they are already paying higher energy bills just because they didn’t consider switching.

How do you terminate a contract and switch to a new supplier?

Before your contract ends, there is usually a specific amount of time indicated which is your window of opportunity to transfer services to a new supplier. For many large companies, suppliers don’t always take the time to send you a notification that your contract is about to end and roll over to a higher rate. It is up to you to know when the right time is to start comparing prices from other suppliers so that you can switch before it is too late.

There are two ways to switch energy providers. The first way is by directly contacting your supplier so that you can find out when and how you can terminate the service. The other way is by using the services of a broker who will arrange for the termination of your current tariff and switching you over to a new provider.

Transferring to a new energy tariff is easy. There are no complicated steps involved, and some comparison websites even have the additional service of helping you complete the switch online.

With how simple it is to compare and switch tariffs, you won’t have to worry about paying more than you should for company energy consumption.


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