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Printed tote bags are great promotional giveaways

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Printed tote bags are great promotional giveaways

One trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year worldwide. For this reason, many countries have made a commitment to reducing their presence, whether by law or through education.

And with the rise of consumers interested in living a eco-friendlier lifestyle, they too are finding ways to eradicate the use of plastic bags on an individual level.

Promotional Tote bags, made from canvas or other materials, have become plastic bags’ primary substitute.

The Problem with Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are problematic for a number of reasons, which is why usage fees or outright bans have been imposed in many countries.

The first national restriction was implemented in 1993 in Denmark, where consumers were levied a charge for accepting and using plastic bags. This led to a stunning drop in usage by 60%.

The main concern around plastic bags is their drastic impact on the environment. It’s reported that more than 200 different species of animals have ingested plastic bags or have become entangled in them. In both scenarios, they suffer greatly.

But protecting animals isn’t the only reason plastic bags are a cause of great concern. Plastic bags are banned in Kenya to decrease the spread of Malaria. In countries like Bangladesh, Cameroon, and the Philippines, the ban protects those countries’ sewage systems, thereby curbing flooding disasters.

These are some of the reasons why there’s been such an increase in the use of reusable tote bags around the world. What some people don’t know, however, is that tote bags have many different uses.

Promotional Cotton Bags as Promotional Products

Promotional Tote bags are an excellent promotional product for businesses that are looking to super-charge their branding strategy.

Printed bags with a company logo, message, and/or contact information can act as a consistent advertisement, as these bags are used over and over again. That’s branding power multiplied like it’s never been before.

What Tote Bags Are Used For

Printed Tote bags have become so common worldwide for several reasons. Aside from the plastic-bag bans that have hit some countries, the simple availability of tote bags has helped them become more widespread.

They come in different colours and sizes, which means they can be used in a variety of different situations. They are meant to make life more convenient.

While you’ll commonly see promotional tote bags at supermarkets, you’ll also see consumers carrying them around in retail shops or in neighbourhoods where shopping is encouraged.

Branded Tote bags are also popular at the beach, as they can store a number of items that may be necessary, like sunscreen, a towel, or a change of clothes.

They can also be seen in public parks, where people have chosen tote bags to carry food and beverages over the traditional (and bulky) picnic basket. Promotional Tote bags can also be used for a variety of errands, whether it’s transporting packages to the post office or returning books to the local library.

The Bottom Line

The increased use of printed tote bags around the world makes them an excellent promotional product for businesses wishing to continue their branding efforts.

Printed bags can prominently display company logos and keep those companies top of mind.

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