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5 reasons to choose Promo Parrot branded bags

by on February 14, 2019 in Events, Events & Awards, Latest News, Nuggets, Retail

5 reasons to choose Promo Parrot branded bags

Gone are the days when you would go shopping and put your items in a polythene or paper which you would later discard until the next time when you would get another plastic paper.

Businesses realised the need to have a permanent solution for packaging your shopping and Promo Parrot was not left behind in helping companies fulfill this need.

With so many countries banning the use of plastic bags, Promo Parrot avails branded bags, among other branded items, to companies for promotional purposes. Our bags are the ideal solution because of:

1. High quality

Whichever branded bag you need for your business, be it a tote, cotton or shopping bag, Promo Parrot has your back.

We do not compromise on the quality of our products; instead we supply you with top notch products guaranteed to last you for a very long time.

2. Flexibility

Sometimes you may require a few bags, other times; you may need more. Regardless of how many items you want, with a minimum order of 100 items, we can get you the number of bags you need for better business branding.

Therefore, when your business is experiencing a few hiccups in the financial sector, we can still supply you with the number you can afford.

3. Customisation

It can be a challenge for you to get a printed tote bag whose every feature blends seamlessly with all that your company’s brand represents.

The good news is that at Promo Parrot we have highly specialised methods that adhere to our customers’ preferences, therefore, when you need a specific colour scheme for your bags, do not hesitate to ask; we shall implement it for you.

Besides, once we are through with printing, we always ensure you give the go-ahead by first sending you an E-design. If you want to make a few changes, you can do so there, and we shall happily print you the final product as per your particular desires.

4. Affordability

We understand that not everyone has the same amount of disposable income. Sometimes your business may have a surplus but have other pressing matters that need a reallocation of the money.

Whenever your firm has a limited budget, we still will not leave you stranded. Instead, Promo Parrot works with what you have, never compromising on quality, to come up with a branded bag that will help you achieve the objectives you want.

5. Functionality

It is no use to have a bag which you need to market your company, but the image on it is barely visible; how will the intended audience get the message you want to relay?

Promo Parrot embed functionality on our printed tote bags, ensuring that the logo of your company is perfectly visible and if you need customers to give you immediate feedback, we always input your contact details so visibly that people can read from a distance.

Besides, you will wash the bag after frequent use, but luckily the ink we use for our bags does not fade, meaning the logo and contact details will remain clear for future reference.

So do you want to market your business effectively using branded bags? Call Promo Parrot on 0113 322 1010 or drop us an email at for further information.

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