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Branded Mugs – A quick guide

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Branded Mugs – A quick guide

Josh writes …Branded mugs are great for both homeowners and brands. For homeowners, these mugs create a sense of pride and association with a particular brand or organization they admire.

Personally, I have an S.A.S branded mug in my mug collection and it makes me feel great and proud every time someone thinks that I work with the Special Forces unit of the British Army when they see it, even though I do not.

For brands, organisations and agencies, on the other hand, the mugs are a great way to create awareness, fans and make the organisation’s popularity grow.

Pre-Branded VS Custom Branded Mugs

Branded mugs are available in two varieties;

  • Pre-branded mugs.

  • Custom-branded mugs.

Pre-branded mugs come when they have already been branded according to the manufacturer’s design and specifications.

Custom-branded mugs, on the other hand, come plain and it is up to you to customise them according to your style, design, specifications and needs.

Like in my case, I bought a plain white coffee mug from an online store that sells those mugs and brands them as well. Then I requested them to print the mug with the official SAS insignia on it.

I also asked them to change the plain white colour on the outer part to ‎Pompadour blue, which is the official colour for the force.

Where to Obtain a Branded Mug

You do not need to make a trip to your nearest utensils store to buy branded mugs. You might even not find branded mugs there.

  1. Simply grab your laptop and type “branded mugs” on your browser and hit “enter”.

  2. There are many websites that deal in these types of mugs and as such, several websites will show up.

  3. Check the ratings of the first three sites and choose the one with the highest ratings.

  4. Now, on that site, choose whether you want a pre-branded mug or a custom-branded one. Most websites offer both so you can choose the type of branded mug you want.

  5. If it is a pre-branded mug, just browse through the collection of pre-branded mugs available and pick your favourite. Then place your order and complete the payment process so that your mug can be shipped to you.

  6. However, if you want a custom-branded mug, you will be requested to provide details regarding how you want the mug to be customised. Then you will be asked to provide your shipping address and complete the payment process.

  7. Once you do that, the site will send you an E-sample of your branded mugs so that you approve or request for any changes to be made before the work begins. After that, your mug will be completed and shipped to you within the specified duration.

Final Thoughts

Branded mugs are great to have in your mug collection.

You can buy pre-branded mugs or order for custom-branded mugs online. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps above.

Happy buying your branded mug or ordering one online.

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