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Decor guide for managing outdoor living spaces

by on February 24, 2019 in featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Decor guide for managing outdoor living spaces

While the home trends change, the outdoor living space hangs.  Hosting guests outdoor is fun when the weather warms up.

But, for that, you need to organize the outdoor space. Maybe you have a tiny or large outdoor space. This blog reveals some inspiring ideas to make them a perfect sanctuary.

Outdoor furniture guide

  1. Consider the size and layout

Just because it is small, it does not mean that the outdoor space cannot be relaxing. Create a layout based on the limitations and potentials of the space. This must include the traffic plan also.  You will be able to use the most of it.

  1. Determine the purpose

Knowing what you are going to do there, helps manage the outdoor living space. For instance, you won’t have the same décor for hosting parties and sunbathing. Plan to décor based on the function.

  1. Align with the interior

Take inspiration from the interior to style up the outdoor living space. The color should match with the home. Accessorize with functional elements. Also, see that the furniture you use aligns with the natural outdoor elements.

  1. Make a maintenance plan

Managing outdoor living spaces require a lot of maintenance activities. As the covers and outdoor rugs are prone to accumulate dust, they need frequent cleaning.

Also, make sure that the furniture you use is able to withstand the weather and require minimum upkeep. This will make your job easier.

  1. Light it up

Light it up to make it suitable for evening uses. There are many options available. You may use string lights, fake lanterns, or anything you like to illuminate the place. But, that should go along with the overall décor.

  1. Make alfresco arrangement

Outdoor living spaces are never complete without an alfresco dining arrangement. Include a BBQ to serve freshly cooked recipes. Also, have a matching seating arrangement. No need to get the china plates. Melamine dishes are perfect for this.

  1. Build a fire pit

The fire pit is a unique feature element in the outdoor living space.  Your family and friends will love to relax curling around this. You can have a log or propane fire pit. But check the local building codes to make its legal.

  1. Include varieties of seating options

You should adorn the outdoor living space with benches, garden chairs, sofas, stools. Have something in the kiddy size. The little ones will enjoy the arrangement. Also, add garden umbrellas. They are available in colorful options.

Other than providing the much-needed shadow in the summer, they will lift up the décor. Whatever you do, remember not to overwhelm the place to clutter your traffic plan.

  1. Make it a place to explore

Garden paths have the power to induce the feeling of discovery. Make the paths curved with little bends. Include swings and hammocks in the corners. These will make the place alluring to explore.

  1. Zone it out

Place the furniture in ways that they create zones in the outdoor living space. If you have a tiny space, you may have the dining area close to a corner. You can have more flexibility when the outdoor space is large. Employ different textures or bring in outdoor rugs for creating different zones.

  1. A focal point makes the place attractive

If it is a beach house, the vast expanse of the ocean can be the focal point of your outdoor living space. Or maybe you have a cute little water source, that will also lift up the place. But the urban dwellers are not blessed with such things. So you have to create a focal point to make the outdoor living space warm and interesting.

Accenting a wall is a great way to do this. You can paint murals on it for highlighting. Alternatively, you may use colored gravels and stones for creating a focal point

  1. Connect the outdoor space to the indoor

The outdoor living space should be separate, yet a few steps away from the home.  You should, therefore, design the patio not far away from the home.  This will give you easy access to the indoor and make it a useful outdoor space.

  1. Update with a TV

Including a TV makes outdoor living a great experience.  Flat screen TVs are easy to guard against the weather. This makes them a convenient accessory for upgrading the outdoor space.

  1. Shield the view

Maybe you want to make your outdoor living space as private as the other area. Then consider building a shade structure and surround it with trees and vines. This will keep your place away from the inquisitive eyes.

  1. Pop up with artificial outdoor plants

People prefer an amazing landscape for gathering outdoor. The outdoor plants and trees offer a brilliant solution for this. Professionally crafted from high-grade raw material, they look like mirror images of the live plants.

So, you can also combine them with the natural greeneries. Not even the experienced eyes will be able to differentiate.

The quality fake plants are available in a wide range of varieties. This includes trees, plants, topiaries, flowers, foliage, window boxes, privacy screens, green walls etc. They also offer almost limitless customization facilities and can match any décor requirement.

Infused with UV blocking chemicals, these artificial landscaping elements never get discolored. Coming in standard bases and decorative pots, they can be installed easily. Portability is another key advantage of using them.

They are light in weight and can be interchanged between places easily for décor changes.

In case you like to make your outdoor a bit tropical, the fake palm trees are great for that. They do not require any growing time and instantly uplift the outdoor space. Since they do not grow mold, cause allergies, and attract insects; they are absolutely safe to use.


The homeowners like to spend more time outside enjoying with the family and friends. The above ideas cover everything you need to spruce up the outdoor living space.

You can certainly try those for updating your outdoor space. They will make your outdoor living more pleasurable.




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