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Dos and don’ts of marketing using promotional products

Did you know that including promotional products such as printed tote bags in your marketing strategy can increase your sales by 44 percent? Now you do!

Using promotional products helps to break the ice between a brand and a potential customer, as one is likely to listen to what you say once you hand them a branded bag or any other merchandise.

If you can convince them to keep the item, the chances are that you will convince them to pay for your service or product.

So, what makes or breaks marketing through promotional products? Here are some dos and don’ts.

Do: Capture your potential clients’ interests through the use of promotional bags

Printed tote bags offer an avenue for getting your brand out there, mainly if you are new in business. You can easily reach out to customers and let them know about your brand by giving them free merchandise.

Whether you are doing so as souvenirs or simply giving out during a launch event, make sure that you feature your brand extensively on the products.

Do: Use the items to encourage brand loyalty

Clients are likely to become loyal to your brand through the promotional items. This is because they get a feeling of exclusivity when you give them the products.

Since it is harder to get new clients than retain the ones you have, you will be saving loads of cash by giving out the items.

Do: Include a call to action

As a business, there is no way you will give away products simply because you want to. You should have an objective. Why would a recipient of the promotional merchandise wish to visit your website?

Go beyond giving an item, and make sure you incorporate a call to action on the bag. That way, you will get something back in return, most likely another client.

Don’t: Use generic items

If you want to use things that people have used repeatedly as promotional merchandise, ensure that it stands out. Otherwise, your money will end up in the trash, and it will not yield much result.

If the recipients do not value the items you give them, there is no way you can expect an impact. Make sure that your brand’s swag stands out on the product to make it useful, creative, innovative and high-quality.

Don’t: Make it difficult to implement

Your marketing campaign using the promotional products should be as straightforward as possible.

If you want to exchange the merchandise with a phone number or email address, make it as easy as possible so that you do not tire the potential clients.

The harder the process is, the harder it will be for your company to achieve its objectives.

Your brand is not at the top of the industry, but there is a lot you can do about it. The more loyal your clients are, the higher the possibility of creating long-lasting relationships.

A high-quality promotional item will speak loads about your product, and you are likely to attract customers more than you ever imagined.