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Printed mugs by Promo Parrot [exclusive]

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Printed mugs by Promo Parrot [exclusive]

The Promo Parrot company defines itself by specialising in product promotional customisation.

The promotional products customised include printed mugs and cups in such a way that will certainly define your brand and be a marketing tool for your firm.

Companies are always on the constant search for ways to build their brands and what better way than having clients enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea in a cup that is customized to show the company’s logo or brand name.

Before we customise our products, we always make sure we engage the client before doing anything. As soon as you make a call our customer care personnel will guide you through the requirements needed.

They will ask about the kind of customization you need be it either the logo or brand name, the colour of mug and writing, size and number of mugs.

Our company believes in efficient delivery.  We engage our clients in each step from the beginning to the end. We believe in customer satisfaction.

Our high quality, full colour printing mugs technology will make sure a microwave and a dishwasher doesn’t tamper with the print.

The printed mugs will assure you have a warm touch on them as you give your customers and employees as well as a warm-hearted gift or promotion.

Clients are always keen on the prices attached to products as well as the quality of the product in return. Our company assures you of nothing else but value for your money.

  • Our skilled personnel are well polished in the field of printed mugs. They will make sure of nothing but the best of what you asked for. They are [a] efficient and effective and [b] guarantee you that the products will be delivered on time.

We offer a wide range of promotional mugs types as this helps clients select from the samples given. The mugs include the Bell, Atlantic, Pandora and Quadra mug.

Having not being tied to just one type of mug this helps us to offer clients options to choose from. The printed mugs come in different colours. Clients choose according to their tastes and preference.

In order to get started on customization of your printed mugs  reach us by calling 0113 322 1010.

The days are Monday to Friday between 9:00am-5:30pm. Having realised there is actually a need for a 24 hour enquiry platform we have established the where you can email us at anytime. You will get a great response from our warm and friendly customer care agents.

Choose Promo Parrot and you will not regret a coin spent.

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