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The different types of promotional mugs

by on February 15, 2019 in Best advertising story, Business, Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead story, Nuggets

The different types of promotional mugs

Branded mugs are perfectly designed to ensure clients high expectations are met. Corporations meet customer’s orders when they produce the kind of mug they need.

Promotional mugs create a great niche with the best quality mugs. Everyone has their favourite type of mug, hence its proven that the taste of a cup of coffee you love is in the kind of a mug you love.

Branded mugs are cost effective and provide your brand with the exposure that you are looking for.

Travel Mugs

These are types of branded mugs that travellers always prefer to purchase hence they serve a great part in marketing as an advertising tool.

They help in spreading information all over the world when you are including information such as a company’s logo, name, contact details and its slogan.

Similarly, a message can be sent out to business communities using branded travel mugs about a certain new product in the market or maybe there is a promotion going on in a company. Promotional travel mugs are the best since they are light, inexpensive to purchase, very useful and likable.

Branded Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mugs are very common and popular. A lot of business folks use this kind of branded mug for advertisement purposes. It is a common choice for company gifts to send a message to a variety of potential customers with a great design on the outside of the mug.

With a stylish design of ceramic mug, it can continually promote business for a period. Promotional mugs make the most exceptional promotional gifts and, they are ideal for worker tea and coffee use.

Photo Mugs

Photo mugs are branded with eye-catching and vivid photos which entice several folks. Due to their stunning and high-quality wrapped photos, they help business to attract customers from a far distance.

A custom mug makes a drink slightly sweeter with a favourite photo on it or touching message on it.

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Photo mugs also help to commemorate special events for instance weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. They make great commemorative items for remembering events that have happened in the past and famous people who influenced life as we know it today.

Cambridge Mugs

Cambridge mugs are the best promotional mugs and its perfect for displaying the corporate branding. This kind of a mug has types of print options such as dye-sublimation printing and screen printing hence the logo printed comes out perfectly every time.

Providing Cambridge Mugs in the office helps to keep all happy. Everybody loves to have a morning coffee and promotional mugs are a great way of getting your brand to those that matter the most.

Promotional Cambridge Mugs are a must have for any event. With large branding areas and a classic, builders styling they are sturdy and will hold you branding for as long as they last.

Cambridge Mugs come in a large range of colours making them perfect to fit into any marketing campaign.


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