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What is online reputation management and why you should care?

If there’s one thing that cannot ever be overlooked is just how important our online reputation and online footprint is to your overall social media marketing and brand.

Online reputation management must be taken seriously as we post ourselves and our brand all over social media.  The reality is that we live in a ‘search-happy’ world. So, it’s vitally important that we care about our online reputation.

Now more than ever, there are plenty of customer review forums and review sites so it can be quite easy to gain a negative presence online without even realising it.  With this in mind, it’s important to manage what your audience can see about you online and be on the constant lookout for negative media that could damage your online reputation.

The search is on

Do you know what your online audience is saying about you or your brand?  Do you know what information comes up search engine result pages?

Don’t wait until your online reputation has may reflect negatively before you decide to include online reputation as part of your social media marketing strategy. Online reputation is also an important part of a social media course.  It’s also a good idea to consider a hiring an ORM (online reputation management) consultant to steer you in the right direction of good practice online reputation management.


Building your online reputation is ongoing.

Now that you know just how important having a positive online reputation is for you and your brand, what can do you to keep it that way?  There are a few steps that you can take to stay ahead in your quest of a positive online reputation, here are three ways to do just that.

  • Get involved in live chat–Add the live chat functionality to your website. This gives our audience immediate access to communication with you or a company representative which can save you from having to deal with an impulsive negative Tweet or Facebook post later on.

  • Reputation management – Ensure to continuously monitor all your social media accounts and review sites regularly and be sure to always respond to comments, whether negative or positive.

  • Manage your listings – Make sure all your business information is correct a hundred percent of the time and across all your social media platforms.  Review and update sites like Good to ensure that your contact details are correct.


Here are a few tips for best practice .. Building your online reputation

Be active on social media – It’s not time to rest on your laurels once you have created all of your social media accounts. It’s not only the popular sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter that should be regularly monitored but also sites like Quora.  Communication with your audience is key to maintaining your positive online reputation.

  1. Understand the importance of reviews – There’s no getting away from the fact that in today’s digital world, your online reputation can instantly be affected negatively. So, any review that may lean on the negative side must be dealt with immediately

  2. Create a blog – This is an ideal tool that can actually prevent bad publicity. Getting across your positive content is prevention rather than a cure.

  3. Pay attention to feedback- The old saying that actions speak louder than words very much apply to online reputation management. Be seen to be taking action on any negative points of your online reputation.

  4. Interaction –Keep interacting with all different types of people across your social media platform as this will help you gather information on different habits, opinions and ideas for improvement of your online reputation management.


You are your brand

There are effective ways of managing your online reputation effectively which will enhance you and your brand and help you avoid all the traps of possible negative publicity. – managing online reputation can be done easily today with the help of digital marketing tools.

Done well online reputation management is a great way to stay ahead of the social media game and creates balance, counteracts misleading attention and is a way to put your best foot forward.

Always remember that you are your brand and when posting across social media platforms it is imperative to be always seen in a good light.

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