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Best tips to write a winning research paper

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Best tips to write a winning research paper

A research paper is an academic writing that must have significant and theoretical data. A winning research paper needs in-depth research.

They may contain a suitable thesis argument with evidence from reliable and helpful sources.

Writing a winning research paper can be difficult and painstaking. You may find it challenging to select operations management research topics. You can consult professionals to choose the right topic.

You can write a winning research paper by following the right step. Intensive research is necessary to complete your paper. Practice can help you to improve your writing and research skills. Students can use online resources or books at a library to complete your research paper.

Here are some tips for students to write a winning research paper.

Schedule Your Research Paper

Before starting your research paper, you should create a schedule with some milestones to accomplish by a date. For instance, complete your preliminary research by January 10.

You must have sufficient time to overview material and find out available books in the library. Set a specific time for second and third research and completion of the research paper.

Start with Wikipedia, but don’t End with It

Wikipedia can be an excellent place to start your research. You can search for related topics and keywords.

Continue your research by browsing links on every page. Follow the suggested resources of Wikipedia. During your research, you have to take notes. By browsing different links, you will get a good overview of the subject.

Wikipedia can be better than print resources. You will find more links through its hyperlinks. Thoroughly research your topic before you start writing. Make sure to avoid citing Wikipedia in your paper. Try to find better sources than Wikipedia to mention in your paper.


You will need an excellent academic essay or book on your topic. After writing your research paper, you have to list dozens of sources. You may scan through your bibliography and mention only relevant titles.

Academic authors may lack creative skills to tweak their titles. They will work for subtitle or title only. If you can recognize a writer by name, you can find his/her work as your primary source. The library can be an excellent place to start your research.

Work with Research Questions

Your thesis must emerge from your main research. A working thesis is necessary to do your research.

There should be a research question to find an answer. With your questions, you can evaluate your material. It will be easy for you to determine whether your material is relevant to your research questions.

Students find it tempting to search for plenty of background material. From this bulk, you will find a small portion as necessary data. The remaining will be a waste of your time. For your background, you must have 1 – 2 right resources. Sometimes, Wikipedia can be adequate in several cases. Pay attention to your research question to find its answer.

Deal with Each Piece One by One

It is not possible to complete your research paper at once. Divide your work into small parts and create a sensible outline. This outline should explain the essential things that you want to understand.

With an outline, it will be easy for you to find connections between pieces. In this way, you can complete your initial draft.

A System for Data Organization

Begin your research to collect data and organize notes. To arrange your data, you must follow a system. For instance, use index cards to organize your data or write bibliography references for a paper or book. Write notes, copy quotes, and finally tag them with their corresponding page numbers.

Feel free to use a computer to complete this work efficiently. You are free to use any system to organize data. Make sure to organize thoughts, facts, and quotes with their relevant sources. It will help you to insert references while writing.

Recognize Your Resources

You have to identify your offline and online resources in an initial step.

If you are working in a research library, you have to pay attention to the periodicals and microfilm repository. Some university libraries give you access to academic databases.

You can consult your teacher to evaluate and find sources. In this way, you can avoid disappointment. It will help you to complete your assignments before the deadline.

You can’t ignore the resources of your neighbour librarians. Ask fellow students for your assistance. You will need valid resources to write your research paper.

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