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The practical uses of sticker printing … exclusive

by on May 31, 2019 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

The practical uses of sticker printing … exclusive

The common first impression to the word stickers are the cute little multi-coloured stickers given or sold to children for entertainment purposes.

In reality, there are a number of practical, business uses of stickers. We’ll cover a few here.

Keeping Kids Busy and Parents Engaged

You may have witnessed an exchange like this at the grocery store. The food is being rung up. A little child is crying, bored, or seeking entertainment.

The clerk or manager gives them a sticker or two to play with. The child becomes quiet and happy.

The parent can finish the checkout process without the distraction, while the other customers in line no longer hear the crying. It is a win-win for everyone. You can use the same tactic when you sell your products or service to the parent with a child in tow.

Better yet, have colorful branded stickers that they’ll wear and show to strangers. Then the child becomes an extension of your marketing campaign, and the parent is more likely to finish their transaction with you instead of quitting to entertain the toddler.

Saving Money on Packaging

A popular way to promote your product or brand is to have packaging with your logo or business information printed on it. There are several problems with this.

One is the cost. The second is that a small business person may still have finalized their branding, so they don’t want to commit to 500 specially printed plastic bags or shipping boxes.

The solution is to order sticker printing with stickers featuring your brand name and logo. Now you can use any paper bag, plastic bag or shipping box to promote your product or service.

Increasing Brand Awareness in a Cost-Effective Manner

You may or may not have noticed the trend of giving customers window stickers as a freebie. There’s a good reason businesses do this. It has incredibly high return on investment. When your fans receive a freebie, they feel appreciated.

They’re more likely to buy from you. Furthermore, when they put that sticker in their car window, they’re advertising your brand to everyone who passes by.

Ditto if they choose a bumper sticker. Feel free to give out promotional stickers of all sizes. You may get free advertising when they open up their laptop at the coffee shop, and it has your colorful sticker on the laptop cover.

You may be able to affix branded stickers on posters, billboards, signs and other things to promote your brand. Or you can turn cheap water bottles you bought and want to hand out to customers into promotional swag simply by putting your company’s stickers on it.

Easy Identification of Brand Representatives

Not every business can afford to put everyone in a uniform. Branded T-shirts are a cheap solution in this case.

Give everyone branded stickers with space to write their name and role, and you’ll make it easier for customers to feel comfortable talking to your representatives.

Encourage customers to wear your branded stickers or hand them out and see who puts them om Your team will know who is most likely to convert into a customer.

Save Money with Promotions and Sales

We often forget how often old school marketing tactics convince people to buy at the final stage of the sales funnel.

You can have complex online marketing campaigns, social media mentions, influencers comparing and contrasting your product with the competition. Yet it may be the stickers on the box that makes or break the sale.

For example, a bright neon “sale” sticker could catch someone’s attention and increase the odds they will buy the item. Label it 10 percent off or discounted, and you could sell several to someone seeking a bargain.

Stickers can also be used to tout particular features of the product when that is of particular interest. For example, labeling products with stickers showing that they are locally made or sustainable could capture the interest of those who are merely walking past.

Then you improve the odds they’ll buy the product, since they wouldn’t have otherwise picked it up and read the labeling that said the same thing

Saving on Labour with Stickers

Let’s be honest. Writing out addresses on letters or other people’s business cards is time consuming.

Applying a branded address label will save you time while simultaneously promoting your brand. You can also use stickers to personalize any gift basket or gift bag you give to clients in moments.

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