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What kind of images should you be putting on your social media page

by on May 17, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

What kind of images should you be putting on your social media page

You can say a lot with images. They can even help to improve your marketing strategy.

But finding the right kind of images to post can often be challenging, especially if you’re posting social content on a daily basis.

Building Your Brand On Social Media

Sharing content on social media allows you to develop an online persona that reflects the values, creativity and professionalism of your brand.

Even if you only use social media occasionally, the content you create and images you share feeds into the public narrative. Therefore everything you share with your audience must have a purpose in order to achieve the best results.

What Sort of Images Should You Share On Social Media?

Deciding what images to share on social media may seem like a pretty simple task. But just like any other form of content creation, the images you choose need to be clever, engaging and have the ability to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding what sort of images to post to your brand’s social media page.

  • Screenshots

Screenshots are a great way to share information and insights about your brand with your audience. By using screenshots you’re able to create unique, interesting and engaging content. This particular type of image makes your audience feel like they are part of your brand.

  • Infographics

Images help you to stand out on social media.

This is because the human brain is processes visual content 60 000 times faster than text. This is what makes infographics so cool. They allow you to convey larger amounts of important information in a visually pleasing and captivating way.

  • Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes images are a great way to share the lesser known parts of your brand with your audience. Your followers are used to seeing standard photos of products and logos online.

Behind the scenes photos of the production floor or office space are a great way to mix things up and keep people interested.

  • Action Shots

Images of a product in use are a great way to pique the interest of your audience. Action shots touch the imagination of the reader which encourages them to engage with your content. It can also inspire a reactionary emotion which may give them the push they need to purchase your product.

  • Quotes With Graphics

Popular and inspiring quotes accompanied by visually appealing graphics / images are a cool and easy way to get your audiences’ attention. Relatable quotes that appeal to a large audience can be used to promote your brand, inspire or entertain your audience.

What’s most important in this instance is that this sort of image inspires readers to pause, reflect, share and interact with your content.But remember to consider how each quote will relate to your brand. The message needs to be in line with your brand’s values and reputation.

  • Original Designs

Sharing existing content can sometimes cause you to get lost in the crowd. Sharing the latest pop culture meme may seem like a good idea, but you also run the risk of being redundant.

Time sensitive posts like memes are generally shared by almost everyone with social media profile. So chances are your audience has already seen it someplace else.

Eliminate the risk of redundancy by creating customized, visual content which will appeal to your audience. You won’t go wrong with a unique idea for an image that reflects your brand.

  • Colors and Fonts

Never underestimate the emotive power of colors and fonts. These handy tools can be used to enhance your images and give them personality.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with photo filters and color palettes. You can also add a few emojis or stickers to create a casual, fun element.

Final Thoughts…

Everyone wants their images to stand out from the crowd on social media.

Using visual content that fits in with your brand’s core values and image is the best way to make a good impression on your audience.

Be as unique as possible by letting your digital brand’s personality shine through.  By doing this you can create an impact and capture the attention of your audience with just one image.


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