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4 gadgets that can help beef up your security

by on June 3, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

4 gadgets that can help beef up your security

Security has always been a significant concern for both investors and homeowners even before the internet came around.

Decades ago, booby traps were used as a form of security measures to protect properties or even families.

Each day new tech solutions are invented due to the high demand for a better and safer life. A security breach can be either a Cyber attack or physical theft of property.

The tech world is flooded with every kind of security devices, below are the top gadgets that you should consider having in your home.


This lock secures entry points using a deadbolt that has an ability to lock and unlock using an app developed for the iOS users. The best unique feature about the August smart locks is that it only hooks on one side of your lock giving buglers a hard time.

It also has a virtual key, eliminating the traditional method of leaving the key under the doormat or rock.

The virtual key can only be accessed by the homeowner and the family. The lock comes with an automatic lock for when you forget to lock the door.

This feature is convenient you don’t have to go back to the house and check, you only need to log in to the app and check your locks.


In these modern days, where the use of the internet is rampant gadgets developers have develop security cameras with capabilities of transmitting live and high-resolution videos to either a phone or hard disk devices.

Camera resolution is a key factor when it comes to choosing a mini camera,its very important for a security camera to capture clear images.Their small size make them hard to spot, and can be installed in tight spots. Factor to consider when choosing a camera should include;

  • Size

Security cameras should be not noticed. They should be small to avoid knocking down or covered.

  • Resolution

A clear image and capabilities to zoom is an advantage when it comes to identifying suspects of anything.

  • Fast sensors

These include motion sensors that can alert the owner of the property or the police by transmitting data over the internet at fast speed.


Home invaders use the doorbell to check if the homeowners are home by ringing the bell. This doorbell, when buzzed it turns on the lights at the door and in the house which scares burglars away.

They have a feature that learns your lighting schedule and turn on or off the lights just in case you are late or not coming home. It has a camera that is equipped with a motion sensor that is triggered when one comes up to the doorstep.

Once the doorbell is pushed, you will receive an alert via your Android or iOS devices with a clear live feed. The best part of these smart doorbell, it can run on a rechargeable battery that lasts over one year. It will work even when the direct power line is down.


This system uses motion sensors to set the alarm off, the inbuilt sensor has a range of 30 feet. When it detects motion, it sends out a signal to either a receiver, home computer or smartphone via WiFi.

The receiver will make sounds when motion is detected, and will scare off burglars or even wild animals trying to gain entry into your property.

It is only safe to invest in smart security devices that will cut down the cost of having a guard who might not be alert as the devices.

They are also affordable and durable even when exposed to hush elements, and some can withstand substantial impact. It’s also advised to keep your gadgets up-to-date to have a better secure life.




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