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An ultimate guide on how to boost your upvote on Reddit

by on June 26, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

An ultimate guide on how to boost your upvote on Reddit

Reddit remains one of the biggest discussion platforms on the internet today.

You’ll find just about any topic imaginable on the website from business practices to pets to sports to cars, it’s all there.

Many people love it because they get together with others to discuss topics that interest them. You can also take advantage of its huge community to build your network, increase your brand visibility and awareness, and drive traffic to your website if you have an online business.

The posts submitted on Reddit are divided into several different categories referred to as subreddits. Every image, text or link you post on each subreddit is judged only by the value it adds to the members in the group, and every registered member is allowed to vote on it.

Members who believe that your post is valuable upvote it, while those who believe otherwise downvote it. Having more upvotes gives your posts more authority and credibility, and enables you to rank higher on the subreddit’s homepage where you get to connect with more people.

There are two options available for you when you want to boost your upvotes. You can either buy reddit upvotes from a reputable online marketing company or get them freely through a lot of hard work and dedication.

We’ve compiled several tips in this article to help you increase your upvotes on Reddit free of charge, so continue reading below.

Be Active And Prolific

This is an important tip that you shouldn’t ignore if you want to increase your upvotes and enhance your karma score (the value from your upvotes minus your downvotes) on Reddit.

Assuming you’re already a registered member, the first thing to do is to make a comprehensive list of all the things you’re interested in.

Then put each of them on the Reddit’s search bar to gather the subreddits in your niche. Gathering subreddits enables you to understand which topics your target audience love, and which ones get downvoted by them.

Once you have several subreddits in the niches you prefer, then you can start posting. Be careful not to post too much of your business too often. Why? Because your posts will be downvoted heavily for being too salesy. If you’re unlucky, you may even be banned from a particular subreddit.

Maximize your chances of getting more upvotes by being active and prolific. Feel free to leave as many clear, useful, interesting and inspiring comments as possible on other members’ posts. You can also post discussions, links, and images on Reddit. Just make sure that you have more posts unrelated to your business and less personal stuff.

Always remember that members in every subreddit are interested in specific things, so you have to tailor your post to make it relevant and useful to each subreddit.

Create Powerful Headlines For Your Posts

The headline you use for your posts on Reddit can either make or break you. Headlines that are excessively salesy can make your posts to receive downvotes instantly, even if your content is good.

On the other hand, if your post has a powerful and clear headline that induces curiosity, it’s more likely to receive more upvotes. If you can, include specific data or numbers on your headlines, that makes it even better.

This tip also applies when posting links on the platform. The titles you use should be creative or humorous enough to make people want to click on your links.

Be Responsive To Comments On Your Posts

Usually, the first few minutes when you post anything new on Reddit, it will rank high on the homepage of your subreddit. If it gets downvoted, it falls down the rank and if it gets upvoted, it continues climbing up the homepage.

Having more comments on your posts intrigues other members and makes them want to comment too. So, you need to keep the conversation alive when you create a new post to boost your chances of getting more upvotes. Interact with those who are commenting on your posts by responding to their comments.

Several people will take interest in your discussion and post uplifting comments. Be sure to engage these people to keep the conversation going. If you focus on the positive comments, it will be much easier for you to build a huge network, which you can use to increase your brand awareness   and sales.

Note that some Reddit comments will be very mean, negative and demoralizing. Don’t take it personally and let it discourage you. Also, don’t be tempted to post rude, aggressive and abusive replies to counter such posts as it will only inspire downvotes immediately. Rude comments are also against the terms and conditions of the platform.

Therefore, stay professional and polite when replying to every comment from members. If you have to criticize someone, let it be constructive, and always use good grammar in your posts.

Don’t Forget To Post Photos and Videos Too

Reddit members love visual content just like members of other social networks. Therefore, don’t focus too much on written content alone. Mix your submissions a little bit to inspire conversations and increase your upvotes.

You can do so by combining useful and informative posts with creative titles and compelling visuals. Also, make sure that your titles match with every post, link, image or video you post to avoid confusing your subreddit members.

Collect Data For Growth and Success

Finally, you should gather data continuously on Reddit to help you know which subreddit communities are genuinely interested in your posts, the kinds of your posts that receive upvotes, the best time to post, as well as how huge every subreddit is.

For instance, when responding to comments on each of your posts, make sure you note the feedback you’re getting.

If you notice that, you’re getting similar criticisms, problems or thoughts with every submission you make, tally them and use them to modify your posts accordingly. You should be able to see improvements in your upvotes and scores if you do this.

Gaining more upvotes on Reddit is possible if you can build an identity that members of your niche can relate to, and engage them in a professional, respectful, and constructive manner.

Try different approaches suggested above and use what works for you to build a powerful network that will drive traffic to your website and increase your brand visibility.



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