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Online templates : How to help celebrate ‘food occasions’

by on June 21, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Online templates : How to help celebrate ‘food occasions’

Worldwide Holidays for Foodies

Crello launches online templates to help celebrate ‘food occasions’

 The global “foodie” trend has fueled the next iteration of online content marketing and Crello has responded with an entire collection of food holiday themed templates.

Every week sees a holiday centered on a different food which can easily be celebrated with the new Worldwide Foodies Calendar.

Research shows that food themed social content is currently on the rise, from bread-baking, which has seen a 413% increase in searches to homemade jam that has seen a 829% increase in searches on Pinterest, according to their 2019 trends report. With so many trends out there, it can be difficult to identify which foodie themes and holidays are worth investing time and resources to.

“Our users – social media marketers, solopreneurs – are often limited in the time they can dedicate to a single holiday, as well as the resources,” says Natalia Piddubenko, PR & Communications manager at Crello.

“We want to help users address both the creative and practical challenges of creating impactful design for these occasions. We did not simply stop at the 52 food holidays in the calendar; our design team developed themed templates for each holiday. Eighty percent of the work is now done, users just need to customize the template of their choice and deploy it”.

Food holidays marketing opportunity

Food holidays can be a great marketing opportunity if capitalized on effectively, over and above online content brands should consider hosting themed events, launching a sale or perhaps releasing a limited collection to mark the celebration.

From a simple social media or blog update to a full-on campaign to celebrate, building campaigns around these trending days can help increase engagement as well as play with elements of seasonality.

Let’s say a bar wants to host a themed Onion Rings Day event (which is coming up this month), or a café wants to promote some limited edition cheesecakes for National Cheesecake day, they can select a and edit the text to fit their offering.

 ‘Whether your audiences like their food sweet or salty, sour or savory, Crello@crelloapp has got holidays (and templates) for them all!’, says Natalia Piddubenko.

From Donut Day to Cheese Day

There’s a holiday centered around every type of food imaginable – from and Onion Ring day in June to Caviar Day and Ice Cream day in July.

Crello’s foodie calendar can help users wish their followers a happy Grilled Cheese Day with an Instagram post or host a donut sale on National Donut Day with a little help from some themed templates.

In general, designs centered around a photo illustration are very easy to customize with users’ own photos – and that’s something many of them will need, whether they are creating content for social media, blogs or their websites.

Tasty colours

Design-wise, the most prominent characteristic of all the in the collection is the color scheme. Reds, yellows and greens dominate the palette – they are some of the most ‘tasty’ colors, and fit the Crello designs perfectly.

All the templates are very versatile, but the fonts, design elements and colors help reflect the celebratory nature of the events they will be used for. The templates feature a lot of scattered items, to reflect the fun and messiness of a feast, or yummy treat.

Over 120 templates were created by professional designers for these ‘food occasions’ and are ready to be used and personalized.

The full calendar can be accessed here.


About Crello

Launched by Depositphotos, Crello is an easy-to-use online design tool providing thousands of ready-to-use design templates in 40 different formats for social media, blogs, ads, prints and more, as well as images, videos and animated templates in a collection of 22 different themes.

The platform is also connected to a photo library consisting of 80 million pictures, as well as a video library made up of approximately 1000 videos. Crello will be available as a mobile app for iOS and Android later this year.

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