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7 helpful tips for designing effective business flyers

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7 helpful tips for designing effective business flyers

Business flyers are a great way of catching the eye of potential customers.

Here are some helpful tips for effective business flyer design.

When you want to share information with potential customers and the community around you, business flyers can be an effective way of spreading the message.

You don’t want to put all that time and money into making and distributing flyers that aren’t doing their job.

Check out these top tips for designing creative business flyers that are an effective marketing tool.

Let’s get started!

Tell Them Who You Are

Readers should know exactly who you are at first glance. Your business name and contact information should be easily and clearly displayed.

Make sure potential customers don’t have to search for your website information, address and phone number for them to be able to follow up with you in whatever way is best for them.

Graphics and Photos

Your flyer needs to convey information but first you have to grab the recipient’s attention so that they start to read it. This can easily be done with the right photo.

It’s good to have your own unique professional photographs but there are sites like Adobe Stock, IStock, and Shutterstock where you can get the rights to stock images to use in online and paper promotions.

Be Honest and Give Details

You don’t have to give every detail about the promotion or services discussed but be sure to be honest and give enough details to entice readers to check out the event.

You want to keep your content brief and break up the information into small amounts so that people can absorb the facts while scanning or glancing at the flyer.

You’ll want to express as concisely as possible, why they can’t miss your sale or go without your products and services.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Your flyer has to give them an offer they can’t refuse. Everyone likes free stuff and to feel like they are getting special treatment. It doesn’t cost a lot to let your customers feel like royalty.

Blow up a few balloons, offer a free consultation or a cup of coffee and donut and you could bring them in the door long enough to close the sale.

Give them incentives to visit your website by offering a discount or giving them reward points for visiting.

Online Business Flyers

You can easily create a unique and personalized flyer design online without much expense or hassle. There are programs that make it easy to design flyers at a moment’s notice and have them to the printer within a few minutes.

You can choose to design, print and distribute them yourself or outsource any or all of these tasks.

Proof Read Everything

You don’t want someone’s first impression of your business to be that you make mistakes or doesn’t get the job done right.

Proofread your content and have someone else read it over as well. It can help to have a fresh set of eyes read through it to see if it is smooth flowing or leaves them with any questions.

Tell Them How to Find You

It’s not enough to tell them where you are, you need to lead them to you with clear and easy to follow directions. You don’t want to lose business because they weren’t sure of the exact location.

Short, Sweet, and Successful

When designing business flyers you want them to be short, sweet, and successful. This is done by choosing the right visual and written content to represent your brand and deliver the promotional facts to your community.



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