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How online learning can help improve your business

by on July 27, 2019 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, Mobile/Tablet

How online learning can help improve your business

Businesses and organizations often discover that they don’t always have all of the knowledge needed for optimal growth and development.

They are then left with the hassle of finding the suitable  training content and methods for their employees. Lately, online training has become an increasingly popular teaching tool used to improve and maximize employee performance and overall increase your long-term business development.

Online learning courses allow employees to have access to the same learning materials in any place and at any time, giving them fair and equal opportunities to improve. Moreover, the fact that the courses are provided digitally enables learners to access the information through multiple digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Taking advantage of the right e-learning resource for your business can greatly expand your employees’ business education and consequently boost your growth. Read on to learn more about how digital training can help improve your business.

Flexible Learning Platform

Because people learn in different ways at their own pace, e-learning gives more freedom for each employee to control the time and pace of studying. One of the main benefits of online learning for both employers and employees is that it’s flexible, allowing your employees to manage their schedules and study on their own time from any location of their choice. This creates a more personalized learning experience for each employee.

Immersive Learning Experience

To help immerse learners, digital training utilizes multimedia such as video, audio, motion graphics and even real-time conferencing and feedback. The attractive visuals help trainees recall and retain information. This advanced level of interactivity consumes less time than face-to-face courses, and results in better understanding of the content.

Constructive Criticism

Most e-learning courses give quizzes with automated corrections to allow the learner to be prepared for the final exam. Providing constructive criticism through tests and assignments offers trainees the opportunity to understand where they stand in terms of knowledge and understanding.

Consistent Growth

Businesses around the world struggle to maintain a consistent growth rate due to the varying talent levels among both old and new staff. Online courses can help reduce this fluctuation by closing the talent gap, helping all workers advance their skills and better employ their talents.

Regardless of how many years of experience a new employee has, there is going to be a learning curve to any new job. Whether it’s adjusting to their new work environment or learning the new operating processes and regulations, they will require time to settle in and produce consistent quality work. The time it takes to get the new employees oriented can be significantly reduced using the additional support of online courses.

Digital training platforms provide the same learning methods to all employees, creating a stable and reliable network of employees and employers who are all working towards the same goal. This results in a steady and efficient workflow and increased productivity, which in turn reflects on the business’ growth significantly.

Unified Brand Image

Employees trained with the same materials and given the same information lead to maintaining unified brand image—even if the employees develop at different rates. Consistent growth created by a unified brand experience means that a multinational company will remain familiar, reliable, and recognizable to its clients in every part of the world.

Brings Your Employees Closer

When your employees are part of the same learning experience they can bond over common interests, opinions, and even challenges. E-learning can create a community that interacts effectively through exchanging questions, thoughts, and doubts.

Motivating your employees learn and grow creates a workplace full of passionate individuals who inspire and support one another. A passionate workplace is a strong motivation for an employee to stay with a company.

Increased Employee Retention

Using online courses as a training method has been proven to benefit employees in all industries. In addition to increased learning levels, studies have also shown that businesses that train their employees with e-learning courses have 25-60% higher retention rates.

High employee retention rates help businesses save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be consumed by training potential new employees

Up-to-date Business Education

In order not to fall behind, businesses – in every industry – need to stay constantly updated and informed of all new strategies, tools, competition, trends, etc. Business owners and employees want to stay up-to-date with new market developments. Unfortunately, they often are preoccupied with the everyday demands of their jobs.

Online learning offers a more convenient way for businesses to keep employees ahead of their fast-changing industry. Not only do you get the most recent and relevant study material, but also most e-learning companies have a service that notifies you when new courses, discounts, and updates -relevant to your area of interest- are available.

After finishing a course, your employees may not be inspired to look for new learning opportunities. This is where browser notifications come to the rescue. According to this Browser Notifications Guide for eLearning Companies, subscribing to receive notifications of relevant news and updates when signing up for an online course can draw the users’ attention and stimulate their engagement.

In addition to being time-saving, online learning is also budget-friendly. E-learning is an alternative, less expensive solution, it requires much less money than the sum it would’ve taken you to provide a venue for training and a trainer. Additionally, the learning program is focused only on the specific needs you want to fulfill which means that business owners don’t have to pay for unnecessary courses.

Case studies of well-established multinational companies have proven that e-learning can have immediate and long-term financial benefits. So, if you’re thinking that digital training seems like an up-front significant investment, remember that it’s often a more affordable option than any other on the long run.

Increased Productivity

Creating a motivational learning culture with the help of online training is linked to high performance. Studies show that employees are 37% more productive and innovative when they are part of a learning work environment. This, in turn, reflects on the overall development of the business and provides a great competitive advantage to the company.

E-learning gives you the ability to learn as well as teach your employees nearly anything, regardless of the field, industry, or stage your business is operating at. It is an incredibly useful tool that’s effective in terms of time and expenses.

This means you can focus your attention on growing your business while simultaneously improving employee workflow and productivity, ensuring lasting business development as well as profitability.


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