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How to make your business mobile friendly

by on July 10, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, Mobile, Mobile/Tablet, Nuggets

How to make your business mobile friendly

In today’s climate, if your business isn’t mobile friendly, then you will fail to give your consumers what they want. In fact, you will fail to give them what they expect.

They don’t expect to have to boot up their desktop computers and laptops in order to be able to access you — they expect to be able to get into contact with your business via their mobile devices.

Give your customers what they automatically presume they are going to get from you: a mobile-friendly response to their queries. To find out how you can offer this kind of service, be sure to read on.

Make your website mobile friendly

Your company website is the focal point of everything your business does online. It’s the virtual space that your customers will flock to whenever they are in need of information pertaining to the services that you offer.

If they flock to your site via their mobile devices only to realise that they cannot access it because it is not mobile friendly, you can be sure that they won’t stick around for too long.

Why would they wait for your pages to load up when they can get a much quicker service over at your competitors’ websites? Quite simply, by not making your website mobile friendly, you alienate the (ever increasing) portion of your customer base that is accessing it via their mobile devices.

To make your website more mobile friendly, it is essential that you align yourself with a web designer that offers mobile design. This kind of professional will use mobile-responsive templates to ensure that your site remains responsive at all times, no matter what device is used to access it.

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Create an app

One of the best things you can do to prove that your business is mobile friendly is to create your very own app. It might not be something that your business needs, but if nothing else, an app will aid in your customer-facing mobile efforts.

For all intents and purposes, it will prove that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest mobile tech trends, and it will show that you are willing to go the extra mile to bolster your mobile interactions.

When you decide to take the plunge and create your very own app, you should:

  • Sketch out your initial idea for the app

  • Perform some market research (both in your business’s market and in the general app market)

  • Create multiple mock-ups of the app before committing to it

  • Partner up with a graphic design professional (an app is only ever as good as it looks)

  • Put your heart and soul into the landing page, as this is where your app users will spend most of their time

  • Build your app (if it’s an iOS app, it’s best to use Xcode and Swift in this instance)

  • Launch and market the app

  • Protect your app

If you don’t make your business mobile friendly, you will only end up alienating a large portion of your customer base. Take the above advice, and don’t let this be the case.


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