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The ultimate diving equipments you will need

by on July 29, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

The ultimate diving equipments you will need

Scuba diving is one of the most popular ocean activities, especially suited for diving enthusiasts who love to go on an exciting exploration deep in the ocean. Even so, the activity requires proper preparation.

If you want to make your foray into the depths of the ocean a safe, memorable, and enjoyable one, it is imperative that you arm yourself with the right knowledge, technical training, and physical skills necessary to accomplish your dive.

You should first invest in the right diving gear before you attempt any dive. These are discussed below.

1. Diving Mask

Human eyes do not function well underwater and the situation is even worse in saltwater, which makes the diving mask an absolute requirement.

Without one, you won’t enjoy watching the breathtaking surroundings. A high-quality dive mask makes all the difference between an annoying dive and a truly enjoyable experience in the depths of the ocean. Therefore, consider investing in one that perfectly matches your specific needs, as this will enable you to enjoy complete comfort during your entire dive session.

2. Fins

Fins are other critical components when shopping for diving gear. These give you proper control and allow you to effectively propel yourself with agility and speed through the water. The two most common types of scuba fins you can find on the market include the full foot and open heel fins.

In the two categories, you have two more variants that include split or blade. Remember comfort and efficiency are vital aspects when shopping for fins.

3. Scuba Tank

The scuba tank also known as a diving cylinder is an important piece of diving equipment. The component allows you to store and transport compressed hair and is incorporated in the breathing apparatus. The pressure rating of these tanks is between 2000-3500 and you can choose an aluminum or steel tank.

4. Dive Knives

You can choose diving knives with either a serrated edge or straight sharp cutting edge. Note that some come with both edges. Mike Brian, a reviewer for says the straight blades are superb for cutting plastic and nylon while the serrated blades are ideal for cutting kelp and natural fibers. The knives that include both options have an added advantage, as they tend to provide greater functionality.

5. Regulator

The regulator is quite useful for breathing underwater, as it converts high pressure from the scuba tank into a more breathable ambient pressure. When it comes to choosing a regulator, opt for one that provides the best in terms of performance and comfort.

6. Drysuit/Wetsuit

These are absolute essentials for keeping your skin warm and offering added protection. They are produced using neoprene rubber that offers padding protection by locking in a layer of water. If you intend to dive in colder waters, then you would obviously need a thicker drysuit or wetsuit.

7. Scuba Gloves

Scuba gloves are produced using tough, durable materials to prevent skin abrasions or punctures while you explore underwater caves as well as other tricky environments underwater. They work in a similar way to wetsuits by trapping a layer of water between the material and the skin to slow down the process of heat loss. Besides offering your palms and fingers a high level of protection, the gloves ensure your hands remain warm underwater.

8. Compass

A compass is vital for proper and efficient dive navigation. You need to know exactly where you are during any dive, especially in the areas where you are likely to experience low visibility. With the right type of compass, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get lost.

9. Dive Computer

The device measures the amount of time you spend underwater, the depth of your current location, and how much longer you can stay at your current depth. A dive computer ensures you enjoy a smooth and safe dive.

10. Snorkel

Whether you deem the snorkel a necessary piece of dive equipment or not, it is an important safety gear for the less experienced divers. It is particularly useful in the instances when you don’t want to exhaust the air in your dive tank.

11. Underwater camera

While the underwater camera is optional equipment, it is certainly a must-have if you would like to capture the incredible sights or experiences. You can choose from plenty of different types of excellent underwater cameras, which are capable of taking clear videos and photos.

It is worth noting that every dive and every diver is uniquely different. Depending on the diving conditions you anticipate as well as the goals you wish to achieve in your experience, you may need less or more diving gear.

However, the ones discussed above are some of the most essential ones you’ll need for a safe, smooth and enjoyable dive.


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