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7 reasons why your company should use Geofencing Mobile Marketing

Geofencing mobile marketing has come on strong in the last few years as a way to target customers when they’re the readiest to buy.

It’s also gotten local businesses back in the game by giving them the tools they need to capitalize on foot traffic in a web-savvy and 21st Century way.

In the following article, we’ll be talking about the 7 reasons you need to deploy geofencing in your marketing today. Let’s start tracking!

  1. More Ways to Track Your Customers

Geofencing marketing allows for the use of Bluetooth connection, GPS, and established beacons to exercise better control over the buying behaviors of your potential customers. This enables you to know the perfect time for cutting in with a great offer.

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  1. Razor Targeting

Geofencing marketing companies that understand how it works know when and where to cut in with the right messaging. But they also know how to adjust the messaging so it’ll be more likely to resonate with their audience. That means no more one-size-fits-all approaches to marketing.

  1. Boosting Sales Both Online and Off

Businesses that work with geofencing companies often capitalize on both fronts — local as well as online sales. Restaurants are a great example of this.

If a pizzeria knows that one potential customer is in for the night, they can target their messaging for home delivery. That same pizzeria can offer a free appetizer to a family of four shopping at a nearby store. That’s two very different messages using two different sales fulfillment tools that both result in conversions.

  1. Deeper Metrics

Geofencing apps establish a pattern of behaviors in the customer that, over time, will lead to repeat business. In other words, you’re not just scoring on right-time/right-place sales anymore. You’re controlling the outcome.

Best of all, you can use the ongoing reams of data to explode revenue. As an owner, there’s no better time to be in business.

  1. Geofencing Is a Great Way to Go Mobile

Mobile geofencing allows companies that have struggled with their mobile game to step it up in a big way. Since most people on the Internet access it through mobile, you can use texts and push notifications to reach these individuals at their most engaged.

  1. Better Customer Experience

Much has been said of customer conversions thus far. But we would be remiss if we didn’t touch on the fact that geofencing marketing is better for customers as well.

How exactly? Because you’re not just pushing them to buy something. You’re improving their buying experience.

You do that by offering better-tailored offers based on their actual wants and desires. You do it by offering more convenient ways to pay. And you do it by speaking to their actual pain point instead of their impulse-buying nerve.

  1. Capitalizing on the Competition

Perhaps the best part of marketing via geofencing is that you can capitalize on your competition’s business. That’s right. Your customers can be targeted with ads when they’re nowhere near your store!

By establishing connection points around your competitors, you can beat them at their own game or offer a complimentary service or product. Either way, it’s more revenue in your pocket.

Geofencing Mobile Marketing Is the Superpower of a 21st Century Business

The use of geofencing mobile marketing is not unlike a mild-mannered Clark Kent taking flight as Superman.

It’s the superpower of your business because it allows you to sell to customers who are ready to buy in a way that doesn’t seem like they’re being “sold to.”