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How to protect your online business from cyber criminals

by on September 25, 2019 in Apps & Software, Business, Digital Marketing, Lead Article, Nuggets, Tech

How to protect your online business from cyber criminals

Starting an online business doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be fluent with how to protect yourself and your data online, it just means that you’ll be safe until your business grows enough to finally land a target on its back.

The average person wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves against any cyber-attacks as they wouldn’t know how to deal with the problem, and that’s why there are companies made for the sole purpose of protecting online businesses.

Staying safe and secure online isn’t easy, and this article is going to talk about some safety measures you can take to keep your online business out of harm’s way.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Protect Your Online Business From Cyber Attacks:

  • Always Follow Safety Precautions

Whenever you try signing up to a website, they always recommend that you make your password a really strong one that contains both letters and numbers, sometimes even symbols. All the passwords that provide access to critical data in your company must be at least 16 characters long. They should be comprised of random letters and numbers that can never be guessed as they have no real meaning. The passwords you set need to be changed constantly.

To stay safe, it’s better to change them automatically every 10 minutes using a third-party application that’s responsible for encryptions and passwords that can be accessed from your phone. It’s also an option to manually change them every day, but then you’re prone to the human error of forgetting and that can be very costly.

  • Ensure All Your Employees Know How To Stay Safe Online

If you’ve got multiple people working under you then all of them need to be informed meticulously about the dangers of using personal devices to access work data along with an intermediate level of cyber security precautions that they should be constantly taking.

Taking some time from the office working hours to provide seminars on how to correctly take these precautions will greatly improve your entire business’s security. Since it only takes one person’s mistake to get a virus into the entire company’s system, it’s very important to have everyone working for you to be aware of the risks.

  • Invest In Some Serious Cyber Security Protection

There comes a time when a business has either grown already or is currently growing exponentially, and that’s when it’s most likely to get targeted by any cyber criminals. Having to get an entire in-house cyber security facility is extremely costly, but the need for a constant cyber security service is far too important not to have.

One breach in your data system can open up your business to hundreds of threats from every angle, and that’s why one of the important services normally included in cyber security companies is data encryption, along with identifying any malware presence and building an impenetrable fortress that protects both the business and anyone working inside it. Investing in a third-party service that helps you protect your business at all times saves you the cost of having to build the facility yourself, as it’s mandatory to have an exceptionally strong security level when you reach a certain level of success in your online business.

  • Always Update All The Company Devices

Any updates that come out to either your Windows or iOS devices need to be downloaded and installed as soon as possible, as the old versions might have a loophole that hackers can exploit. Keeping all your devices constantly up to date is one of the most recommended ways to stay safe online, so make sure everyone who works for you constantly updates their devices.

  • Have A Safety Plan In Case Of A System Breach

Let’s say a hacker manages to gain access to your system and he/she starts shutting down all your services.

You can’t just stare at your screen as the hacker tears down the empire that you’ve built, you’ve got to have a safety precaution present before he/she gets the chance to do any serious damage.

Having a backup server that’s constantly updated with all your information around gives you the ability to disconnect the main server and remain operational with the backup server while you deal with the issue appropriately.

As mentioned before in this article, it only takes one wrong move for your business to be prone to multiple threats online, so it’s necessary that you always proceed with extreme caution and that you never feel like it’s unnecessary to invest some funds in some strong security, as it’s always the companies with the weak security that get targeted for cyber-attacks.


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