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How to improve the SEO for lawyer websites with content marketing

There’s no shortage of lawyers competing for the same target audience, so getting your name known, (for the right reasons), is pretty important if you want to have a hope of grabbing your share of the work that’s around.

SEO plays a key role in this, or at least in the digital promotions and advertising you do for your law company, and as SEO is a specialist area which requires specific talents and knowledge most lawyers choose to outsource this work to those with the relevant experience.

Hiring an SEO company to help your legal form rank higher on search engines is a clever thing to do, but the results will depend greatly on who you are trusting to optimize your web content to the maximum level possible.

Here we look at some of the top tips that should be adopted by a decent company like to create a plan that makes the most out of your individual SEO content plan.

Top Tip 1 – They will want to learn what you are looking for

If an SEO expert doesn’t get to know a company really well it’s impossible to deliver a truly coherent and meaningful campaign. They need to invest some time, (with no need to commit on each side), to discover what the client is looking for, and if their need is both realistic, and can actually be fully met.

Top Tip 2 – They will arrange a good audit of your site

This is done before anything else as it’s the way any key issues and areas of concern are identified. Understanding how the site is working is the way the SEO expert can figure out what needs attention, and how best to make the essential changes necessary.

A typical audit includes looking at factors including:

  •         Website page loading speed

  •         Current rankings in major search engines

  •         Typical user experience

  •         Current SEO provision

  •         Content

  •         Use of keywords

An experienced and professional company will create a comprehensive document outlining their findings and suggesting a detailed plan to help your website achieve better SEO results than it is currently doing. Engaging with a Personal Injury Lawyer SEO expert ensures that your online presence is not only visible but also impactful, driving the right clients to your legal practice.

Top Tip 3 – They will identify the most relevant keywords

Keywords may be only one slice of the larger SEO pie but they are at the very heart of what makes the overall concept work. Choosing the right keywords is the best way to direct relevant traffic to your site, rather than wasting time promoting your services to the wrong audience – a move which won’t lead to any tangible gains.

Top Tip 4 – They will revise and refresh your website content

Legal information may not always be a light read but it can and should be engaging and easy enough to read that potential clients feel they can make a connection to you.

SEO experts can easily freshen up content that is lacking somehow, and add useful keywords in along the way.


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— Will Corry (@slievemore) May 3, 2019