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Four key obstacles for inside sales teams and how to overcome them

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Four key obstacles for inside sales teams and how to overcome them

Tim Kimber, Product Marketing Director, NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage company

Inside sales teams are facing more obstacles than ever before.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s not only essential to provide customers with a smooth user experience, but that your sales reps are set up to succeed.

From lengthy training periods for new hires to poor customer relationship management (CRM) integration, several things could be holding your contact centre back.

Additionally, the definition of what makes a good customer agent is always evolving. It isn’t the agents who make the most calls who are the most valuable, but the ones who have the most valuable conversations.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to understand these obstacles and have an effective solution in place that can help you to overcome them. In this article, we’ll explore four key problems faced by contact centres as well as a solution designed to help you overcome them.

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With the right support, ensuring your contact centre can reach its full potential doesn’t have to be a never-ending battle.

Effective CRM adoption

The best way to think of your CRM is as the beating heart of your contact centre. It’s where your salespeople log information, and where supervisors can gain valuable data insights to develop new strategies. That is when it is used correctly.

If your salespeople aren’t consistent in tracking data from their calls, then you could be missing out on important insights. However, with sales reps having so many responsibilities in the modern contact centre, it is understandable that they might overlook the importance of data logging.

To overcome this, it’s useful to have a solution in place that connects directly with your CRM. NewVoiceMedia’s technology is able to automatically log call data, including when a call started, when it ended, who was called and what the outcome was. This removes the responsibility from agents when comes to data logging, freeing up their time.

Lack of visibility

Building on our previous point, if your CRM isn’t being used effectively then it’s likely to lead to a lack of visibility.

Without the correct data being fed into your CRM, you will not be able to understand where your sales teams are succeeding and faltering. This makes it difficult to develop a strategy and adjust it. Basically, you’ll just be fumbling around in the dark!

With the help of NewVoiceMedia, you can have full visibility of your contact centre. Our solution automatically logs every call, allowing you to examine any conversations of note.

This enables you to identify patterns among successful calls and develop strategies that will transform your contact centre for the better.

Replicate top performers

In every organisation, there are star performers who always hit or exceed their targets, and many contact centres focus a significant amount of time on trying to understand why these agents are successful. After all, isn’t developing a team of top performers the ultimate goal?

However, replicating agent success is often a difficult task. If you don’t have a powerful, intelligent solution that can grapple with call data then it is near impossible. Some organisations resort to manual quality assurance (QA) work, which involves trawling through as many of an agent’s conversations as possible and trying to uncover what the key to their success is.

NewVoiceMedia’s Conversation Analyzer solution can transform how your contact centre analyses agents’ calls. It can highlight key trends in agents’ performances, providing supervisors with insights without requiring manual QA work. This allows contact centres to streamline one of the most time-consuming areas of research, so supervisors can focus their efforts elsewhere.

Ramping new starters

Lengthy training processes can easily eat into a contact centre’s resources. It can take months for new employees to be trained up to the same standards as existing ones, meaning that supervisors have little time to focus on other responsibilities. Additionally, if contact centres aren’t adjusting their training strategies regularly, then it is unlikely that new employee performance will improve over time.

Conversation Analyzer not only makes the training process quicker, but much more effective. You can identify the best quality calls from your top performers and use these as a benchmark for new employees. You can also use poor quality calls to highlight what new and existing agents are doing wrong, offering clear examples to accompany feedback.

Final thoughts

With the right solution in place, your contact centre can easily overcome these common obstacles. Vonage is home to a range of powerful solutions, such as Conversation Analyzer, designed to streamline work for agents and supervisors, allowing them to focus on having great customer conversations.

Download Vonage’s whitepaper, The Perpetual Challenges of Inside Sales Teams, to find out how we can help you build an army of best sellers.


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