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How transcription can improve your video SEO

Digital video content holds a lot of potential for optimised content if you have it transcribed.

83% of marketers reportedly believe that video content is growing in importance.

This astonishingly large chunk of the industry can already see the benefits that video sharing has for brands.

Brightcove’s latest video marketing survey discovered that 53% of customers engage with a brand after watching one of their videos on social media, but this figure increases to 66% in the case of millennials.

As such an important advertising tool, it’s essential that you get the most out of your video marketing, and that begins with SEO.

Understanding Video SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO has long been used by digital marketing teams as a way to influence how Google ranks a web page for various key words related to its content.

The ultimate goal of SEO professionals is to have your web page ranked in the number 1 spot for a key phrase which you believe your target market will be searching for. Video SEO is a relatively new addition to the digital marketing sector with a similar goal, to have your video ranked in a high spot for keywords related to its content.

You may wish your video to be more visible either in a video search engine such as YouTube or otherwise a general search engine such as Google.

The problem with video SEO though is that search engines are unable to crawl the content of a video, relying instead on other markers such as the title, brief description and tags to ensure relevance to the search audience. Transcription is the key to getting around this problem.

Increase Revenue Potential With Transcribed Text

If you hire a professional transcriptionist to turn your videos into written content, then you’re building an extra page of text for the search engines to crawl. As well as providing details of the keywords that you’d like to rank for, your text-based page will be full of other related terms that you hadn’t even realised were searchable.

The result of this is that you’ll end up with more visitors to your site. A study by Liveclicker analysed 37 separate webpages both before and after transcripts were added to the content. The pages with transcripts experienced a revenue boost of 16% after incorporating the text.

Paginating Your Transcriptions

When using UK transcription services to turn longer videos into written content, it’s not necessary to house all of the text on a single webpage. Instead you can spread it over multiple pages, which will be better for your SEO and also your visitor UX.

Each separate page can have an individual keyword strategy that you wish to target, which increases relevancy for site visitors when they’re searching for your content.

Easy Content

SEO professionals know well the benefit of content creation, and the beauty of transcribed content is that it’s an incredibly easy way to pad out your site with highly relevant and focused information.

Instead of having to create a blog schedule and come up with new topic ideas, transcribing your existing videos is readymade content waiting to be published.

If you have video marketing material that could benefit your company as written content, then transcription services are affordable and offer quick turnarounds, so why not give it a go?