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What all is required for podcast production?

by on November 4, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

What all is required for podcast production?

Starting your own podcast channel can be intimidating.

Mainly, when you don’t know everything that is required for creating good quality podcasts. To make the process of starting your own channel and podcast production simple, here is an article that we have put together.

It will give you an idea of all the equipment, accessories, and software that you require for running a successful channel. Even though the list might look a bit extensive, you must remember that not all of these things are absolutely necessary for a beginner.

There are times when you can create good quality podcasts by using just a mic and recording system along with editing software. So, don’t get scared if you can’t afford to buy all of these things right away.

1. Laptop

One of the first thing that is quite important for podcasting is a laptop or computer. Even though most people have a laptop these days, make sure it is not an obsolete one.

Moreover, the RAM should be of a decent size so that it does not crash while you are in the middle of uploading your podcast on the hosting platform.

2. Microphone & Mic Stands

Podcasting is about recording audio. For that, you need to have a microphone that is of good quality. It should be able to record your voice clearly without catching on to the background noises. To hold the mic in the right place, you must have a good quality stand as well. A decent mic stand would not cost you a fortune.

3. Audio Interface

Another thing that is required for recording podcasts is an audio interface. It will allow you to connect your mic to the computer. This way, you will be able to make changes to the audio recording and eliminate all the unnecessary noises from the background.

4. Mixer

If you need to conduct live interviews or are thinking about adding music to your show, then you will also need a mixer. It allows you to control the sound quality and will enable you to add special effects during the post-production phase.

5. Headphones & Amplifier

You might wonder why is a headphone required for podcasting. However, it lets you hear your own voice during the recording session and gives you an opportunity to make adjustments.

So that it sounds pleasing to your listeners. Similarly, if you are planning to co-host, then a headphone amplifier is also needed so that separate sounds can be controlled easily.

6. Pop Filter

There are certain words that produce an air blast because the sound gets amplified while recording. Such as “Terrific” or “Party.” This can ruin your entire recorded podcast which is why getting a pop filter is also a good idea.

7. Shock Mount

Sometimes the mic placed on a stand can even vibrate or rumble. This can affect your podcast quality significantly. To stop this from happening, you can invest in a shock mount that will hold your mic in the right place. Even if the stand vibrates, the mic will not move because of the shock mount.

8. Editing Software & Hosting Platform

The last thing that you require for successful podcast production is an editing software and a hosting platform. Without editing software, you will not be able to improve the quality of your podcast. Whereas, if you do not have a hosting place then you will not be able to publish your podcast for your listeners.

Each accessory or product mentioned in this list will add to the quality of your podcast in one way or the other. So, try collecting them all over a period, after your channel kick starts.


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