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Looking for a travel backpack? These tips will help you buy the best one

by on January 10, 2020 in featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Looking for a travel backpack? These tips will help you buy the best one

Do you like to travel a lot? Then you must carry a good quality backpack which can last for years. Choosing the best one is difficult because there are lots of choices in the market.

A size of a backpack should be enough that you can easily carry on an airplane. You cannot carry all of your important stuff in a too-small bag. Another important thing is the material, it should be waterproof, so your staff cannot get wet in rain.

Choosing a backpack is not rocket science. All you need is to keep some basic things in mind while choosing one. I am also a traveler and loves to travel a lot. I remember the first time I bought a backpack for my trip to Malaysia. I spent weeks searching online for a travel backpack. I also asked my friends for recommendations.

It was a time-consuming process but at last, I ordered online from The Little Green Bag. A week of online research paid me off and my backpack lasted for 7 years. It can last longer if the airline had not lost it.

When it comes to the types of backpacks, there are lots of choices. You do not need to spend hours on research as I am going to share all the qualities of a good backpack in this article. There are some basic qualities that your backpack should have which are as follows:

What A Good Quality Backpack Should Have

A good backpack is the one that can last for years in good condition.

A bag can be abused many times during traveling, so it should be durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the material should protect your stuff from getting wet.

Following are the things that a traveler backpack should have:

You Should Be Able to Lock the Zip

The first thing to make sure is that the zippers are lockable. Every compartment especially one with your important stuff should have lockable zippers. You will think that why someone wants to steal your dirty clothes. But it is important to lock your bag during traveling.

There are chances that someone can put something in your bag that can cause problems for you. Moreover, there are chances that someone in the airport can take your stuff.

An important thing about the locks is you need to buy TSA-friendly locks. These are special kinds of locks that can be unlocked with the release of the valve. It allows the TSA to open and check your bag. These locks are easily available at any large retail store.

Another thing that you can use to protect your stuff is PacSafe. It is a good form of protection for your belongings. It wraps a lockable metal mesh around the bag to prevent anyone from breaking into your stuff. But there is one problem with PacSafe. It adds more weight to your bag and makes it difficult to carry around.

It Should Have Multiple Compartments

Moreover, the bag should have multiple compartments, so you can arrange your important things easily. I mean you can put your clothes in the large section and things like your camera etc. in the small section. In this way, you did not need to dig around every time you need something.

It Should Be Waterproof

You should buy a backpack that is made of waterproof material. It is really important if you are traveling in monsoon or going on a long hike. It is not necessary to buy full waterproof as a semi-waterproof backpack will work fine.

However, many good bags have tarps that come in handy in rain. The material should also be lightweight and should not stay wet for long. I prefer not to travel in rainy conditions but you cannot say when it is going to rain. All you need is to make sure that nothing gets wet in a rainstorm.

Internal Frame

The classic backpacks of the 70’s had an external-frame. But most of the backpacks today have an internal-frame. The classic ones look very awkward and very heavy.

But the modern ones use internal support rods that are hidden from view and very light in weight. The classic backpacks are still available on the market. So, make sure not to buy one of those bags. Choose one that is slimmer, lightweight so you can easily move around.

It Should Have Padded Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps make you feel comfortable by pushing the weight of your backpack downward on your shoulders. Padded straps put less pressure on our shoulders and make easier for you to move for longer. Also, make sure that the pads are thick and made of good quality material. A bad and thin material can thin out and split easily.

It Should Have Padded Hip Belt

Also, make sure that the backpack has a padded hip belt. The weight of the backpack also pushes down on your hips, this belt provides support to make you feel more comfortable. These straps distribute the load evenly on your back. It also helps in reducing the strain. Moreover, they are adjustable to provide extra support.

It Should Have Contoured Back

A comfortable back makes the weight easier to carry and distribute evenly. The contoured back makes sure that there is no back pain. Moreover, the shape creates some space between the bag and your back. This space allows space to move through to keep you cool.

Does Size Matter?

One of the things that many travelers ask is the size of a backpack. Everyone wants to know the perfect size for a backpack. Well, there is not any specific size that is better than another.

The size depends on the size of your body. If the size of the backpack is bigger compare to your body then it can cause back pain. You also do not need a small bag that cannot carry all of your stuff.

A backpack should big enough to hold all of your belongings and does not put more strain on your back.


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